Qualifications for Admission to ETSU & the Office of MPA

There are many qualifications necessary for admission to a four-year institution, as well as those required to apply for professional school.   Upon admission to ETSU, we strongly recommend you contact the Office of MPA as soon as possible to discuss the process of preparing to apply to the professional school of your choice.

We encourage students to maintain a notebook to track all volunteer, practical/shadowing experiences, leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities.  In addition, students need to begin prior to the Freshmen year of college to acquire as many clinical experiences as possible in preparation for application.  While being involved in various groups or clubs is very highly recommended, it is not enough to simply belong to an organization, Students must also seek leadership roles in those areas.

Click here for the ETSU Admissions website

NOTE:  Criteria pertaining to high school deficiencies and exceptions to admission can be found at the Admissions site provided.

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