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The ETSU Department of Music has a wide range of scholarships available for students.  If you have questions about a specific scholarship, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information. 

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We offer the following three categories of scholarships:

Academic Performance Scholarship (APS)
        Academic Performance Scholarships are open to any incoming freshman or transfer student who is a current resident in the state of Tennessee. The awards are worth $3000 and are automatically renewed each year as long as the requirements are met. APS is open to students in all disciplines. If awarded this scholarship through the Department of Music, you are required to enroll in at least one ensemble each semester, which will be assigned by music faculty. Complete information about the APS is available here: Academic Performance Scholarship

Public Performance Scholarships (PPS)
        The Public Performance Scholarship is a special opportunity for non-Tennessee students with interests in the arts and arts related fields. ETSU is committed to providing excellent training and experiences for students in the arts and for students with interest in continued opportunities to pursue creative endeavors. The scholarship provides students with the complete cost of out-of-state tuition, so recipients pay the same rate as Tennessee residents. Students who are participating in another program which covers out-of-state tuition (including but not limited to Academic Common Market, border waiver, Honors-in-Discipline) are not eligible. Students must be new to ETSU to qualify for the scholarship; already enrolled students are not qualified. Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply for the scholarship unless otherwise noted. Complete information about the Public Performance Scholarship is available here: Public Performance Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships
        These scholarships vary in amount. The majority are available to current ETSU Department of Music Students, typically juniors and seniors. Select endowed scholarships are available to students new to the Department of Music.
An endowed scholarship is not automatically renewed from one year to the next. You must re-audition each year for these scholarships. The requirements for the scholarships vary. The faculty will consider you for all available Endowed Scholarships at the time of your audition.


For more information on available scholarships, visit the webpage for the ETSU Scholarship Office