Honor Band


2013 Honor Band Schedule

Friday, January 25, 2013
8:30 a.m. Registration for participants (Culp Center Ballroom lobby; auditions held in meeting rooms, etc. here also); *Seating auditions begins for every school (*please arrive as early in the two hour period as possible to expedite the audition process to finish by 11:00)
9:45 a.m. Registration ends (every school/all students should be here)
11:00 a.m. Seating/placement auditions end; LUNCH break
11:30 a.m. 30-minute masterclass with studio professors
12:15 p.m. *All participants report to Culp Auditorium for seating/band placement results and information
12:20 p.m. Seating (Gold Band: Auditorium; Blue Band: Ballroom)
12:45 p.m. Rehearsals begin for both honor bands
c.3:30 p.m. Dr. Zembower rehearses piece with Gold Band (Mr. Harris, break)
c.4:30 p.m. Dr. Zembower rehearses piece with Blue Band (Mr. Kleiber, break)
c.4:30/5:30 p.m. Honor Band rehearsals resume with respective conductor
c.6:30 p.m. Rehearsals end for the day

Saturday, January 26, 2013
8:30 a.m. Rehearsal begins (honor bands switch rehearsal spots)
11:30 a.m. Lunch break
12:55 p.m. Gold Band: light rehearsal/touch-ups (ends at 1:25)
1:30 p.m. Blue Band: light rehearsal/touch-ups (ends at 2:05)
2:05 p.m. Light rehearsals end; rest some/get dressed
3:00 p.m. Honor Band program begins (in Culp Center Ballroom; Blue Band - first, Gold Band – second on program)

For more information contact
Dr. Christian Zembower, Director of Bands
423-439-4296 or email: ZEMBOWER@etsu.edu