Faculty and Staff

Faculty Fall 2014

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Alphabetical Listing of Faculty Below Area Listing

Department of Music Office

Maria Niederberger, Department of Music Chair

Amy Crowder, Executive Aide

Sabrina Sutton, Events Coordinator and Ticket Sales


Instrumental Ensemble Conductors

Christian Zembower, Director of Bands

Joe Moore, Associate Director of Bands, Director of Athletic Bands

David Champouillon, Director of Instrumental Jazz Ensembles

Martin Walters, Instrumental Jazz Combos

Heather Killmeyer, Collegium Musicum

Patti Marlow, Executive Aide for Bands

Rande Sanderbeck, Percussion Ensemble

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 Vocal Ensemble Conductors

Matthew Potterton, Director of Choral & Vocal Activities

Alan Stevens, Associate Director of Choral Activities

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Benjamin Caton, Piano Area Coordinator

Chih-Long Hu

Esther Park

Jerilyn Paolini

Leslie Downs

Benjamin Dockery, Jazz Piano

Ann Lavender, Staff Pianist



Matthew Potterton, Director of Choral & Vocal Activities

Karen Smith, Director of Opera Workshop

Sun-Joo Oh

Dominic Aquilino

Mary Luna

Amy Potterton



Stephanie Frye, Brass Area Coordinator, Tuba & Euphonium

David Champouillon, Trumpet

Art Haecker, Trombone

Carrie Tedder, Horn




Rebecca Paluzzi, Woodwind Area Coordinator

Heather Killmeyer, Oboe & Bassoon

Gene Jones, Clarinet & Saxophone




Rande Sanderbeck, Percussion Area Coordinator




Cherylonda Fitzgerald, String Area Coordinator, Cello

Jane MacMorran, Violin & Viola

Cynthia Mueller, Bass

H. Barry Hannah, Guitar

Martin Walters, Jazz Bass



Music History, Music Theory, & Music Education

Alison Deadman, Music History Area Coordinator

Maria Niederberger, Music Theory Area Coordinator

Mary Dave Blackman, Instrumental Music Education Area Coordinator

Alan Stevens, Vocal Music Education Area Coordinator

David Mitchell, Music Theory and Aural Skills



Professors Emeriti

Donald Conflenti

Thomas Jenrette, Jr.

Robert LaPella



Alphabetical List of Department of Music Faculty and Staff

Dominic Aquilino

Mary Dave Blackman

Benjamin Caton

David Champouillon

Tom Crawford

Amy Crowder

Alison Deadman

Benjamin Dockery

Leslie Downs

Cherylonda Fitzgerald

Stephanie Frye

Art Haecker

Barry Hannah

Chih-Long Hu

Heather Killmeyer

Ann Lavender

Mary Luna

Jane MacMorran

Patti Marlow

David Mitchell

Joe Moore

Cynthia Mueller

Maria Niederberger

Sun-Joo Oh

Rebecca Paluzzi

Jerilyn Paolini

Esther Park

Amy Potterton

Matthew Potterton

Rande Sanderbeck

Karen Smith

Alan Stevens

Sabrina Sutton

Carrie Tedder

Martin Walters

Christian Zembower


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