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The Suzuki Association of the Americas provides a curriculum and format for Short-Term Teacher Training. Courses offered at the East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute International follow SAA guidelines and also meet ETSU requirements for undergraduate and graduate coursework. For information on enrolling for academic credit, contact the ETSU Suzuki Studies Program at .

Teachers enrolled in SAA courses at the East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute International will have an opportunity to study with outstanding Suzuki teachers and Teacher-Trainers from all over the world, to observe students at all levels representing a large number of teachers.

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Please make travel arrangements that allow you to attend all Teacher Training Sessions. Book 1 teacher training begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 21. The SAA requires 100% attendance in order to receive credit. All other Short-Term Teacher Training Courses begin at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 22.

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Short-Term Teacher Training Courses

Short-Term Teacher Training Courses cover one Suzuki book level during a concentrated five-day period and consist of 15 class hours and eight hours of supervised observation, with the exception of Book 1. Book 1 is a 28-hour class with 15 hours of observation and is taught over a minimum period of 8 days. All participants who have met SAA requirements will receive a form signed by the Teacher Trainer, which they may register with the SAA.

SAA Audition Requirements for Short-Term and Apprenticeship Teacher Training can be found at the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.

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To derive the most benefit from the course, it is recommended that the participants memorize the repertoire to be studied and read Suzuki's Nurtured by Love and Ability Development from Age Zero.

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ECC and Short-Term Teacher Training Course Offerings

Every Child Can! (ECC) June 20 Rebecca Paluzzi
Book 1 Teacher Training Laurel Ann Maurer
"Teaching Expression and Musically From the Start" Toshio Takahashi

Note: Teacher Training Course offerings are dependent on sufficient enrollment. Please note courses may not be taken out of order. Teacher participants must attend 100 percent of their Teacher Training class in order to register that class with the SAA. All participants should plan to arrive on campus at least 90 minutes prior to the start of their first class. All participants must report to the Institute registration desk before they will be admitted to their Teacher Training Course.

For a guide to Application for SAA Short-Term Teacher Training seewww.suzukiassociation.org or phone 888-378-9854

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Professional Development Options

Courses are scheduled so that they will not conflict with Teacher-Training courses, adequate observation opportunities, or other optional courses. Therefore, you may choose to participate in as many optional courses as you wish.

Tone Development through Interpretation with Toshio Takahashi –This inspiring class is part of the curriculum for all Suzuki teachers at the Talent Education Research Institute in Japan. It is also in high demand throughout the world at Suzuki conferences and conventions. Mr. Takahashi will lead the class in a very clear process of creating musical expression and developing a beautiful, singing, tone. We will  be treated to historic recordings of opera arias as well as live performances by soprans, Dr. Sun-Joo Oh.

Music Mind Games for Teachers - Music Mind Games specialist Joyce Bennett will present a session for teachers on the use of Music Mind Games in a studio. Topics will include sequencing of material, age-appropriate skills, developing a curriculum and the philosophy behind Music Mind Games.

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Applicants wishing to enroll in a Short-Term Teacher Training Course as an auditor are not required to submit an audition tape. Auditors may attend all classes and performances but may not play or participate in the classes or concerts. However, auditors are welcome to register for Professional Development options.

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