Philosophy is an attempt to reason clearly and critically about all areas of experience: science, religion, art, politics, and morality.  Its purpose is to understand and evaluate our most basic beliefs and values, and to integrate them into a coherent view of ourselves and the world.
Philosophy is an appropriate preparation for vocations that require a broad liberal education and skills in clear, creative thinking.  Such vocations include law, government service, writing, the ministry, medicine, and many types of positions in business.  It is especially attractive when paired with another major that teaches technical or professional skills, for example, philosophy with mass communication. 
The Department of Philosophy & Humanities at ETSU offers a major in philosophy; a major in philosophy, religious studies option; and a minor in philosophy.
In addition to the General Education Requirements, philosophy majors must meet degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Philosophy majors may earn a B.A. or a B.S. degree.  Details of those degree requirements may be found at:  A minor is required of all philosophy majors.
Major and minor requirements:
Philosophy Major
Philosophy Minor
Philosophy Major, Religious Studies Option