Courses by Department

Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy (RELI)

RELI 2210: Introduction to the Study of Religion

RELI 3220: Western Religions

RELI 3230: Asian Religious and Philosophical Traditions

RELI 3240: Hebrew Scriptures

RELI 3250: Greek Scriptures

RELI 3261-63: Religion Colloquium

RELI 4220: Contemporary Religious Thought

RELI 4920 Independent Studies in Religion (1-3 Credits)

History of Religions in the Department of History

HIST 3910: History of Christianity

HIST 3920: History of Islam

HIST 4207/5207: Ancient Religions

HIST 4387/5387: History of the Holocaust

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

SOAA 3800: Religion, Culture, and Society

Department of English

ENGL 3280: Mythology

ENGL 3700: The Bible as Literature

Appalachian Studies

APST/RELI 3530: Religion in Appalachia