High School Physics Teacher


If you are a physics major and are interested in becoming a high school physics teacher, there are a number of scholarships and special opportunities that may be of interest to you.  These are listed below.

Generally, ETSU students who want to become high school physics teachers major in physics and minor in education.   Please contact one of the advisors for physics majors Dr. Mark Giroux ( ; 423-439-8684) or Dr. Beverly Smith ( ; 423-439-8418) to discuss this program.   You should also contact an advisor in the Education College about the education minor.   The Education Minor is the standard route to obtaining a teaching certificate for public schools.

For strong students, however, there are some alternative paths that do not require the education minor. These include:

Physics majors may also be able to get a job teaching physics at a private or charter high school without a teaching certificate.   The Carney, Sandoe, and Associates company specializes in job placement for people who are looking for jobs at private or charter schools.  Note that there is no cost to submit a resume through their web site. 

It is also sometimes possible to get a job teaching physics or math at a public high school directly after college without the education minor,  by getting a `transitional license'.   For more information about this process in Tennessee, click here.  

Scholarships and other programs for physics majors wanting to become high school physics teachers include:

Another program that may interest you is the Student Loan Forgiveness Program for students who become teachers.

Two additional special program for people who want to become Physics teachers are:
These both provide substantial stipends/fellowships for new physics graduates to attend graduate programs in education to obtain masters degrees in teaching and teaching certification.