Department Faculty & Staff

Regular Faculty

David M. Close , Professor, ETSU Faculty since 1978, A.B. - Franklin & Marshall College, M.S. - West Virginia University, Ph.D.- Clark University (1973). Professional Interests: Radiation Biophysics; ESR/ENDOR Spectroscopy; DNA Constituents; Molecular Orbital Calculations.
Phone: 423-439-5646 (Brown Hall 280)

Mark Giroux, Professor, ETSU Faculty since 2001, Sc.B. (Physics) - Brown University, Ph.D. (Astronomy)- University of Texas (1992). Professional Interests: Thermodynamics of the intergalactic medium and quasar absorption line systems, cosmogony and large-scale structure of the Universe, quasar absorption spectra, theory of galaxy formation.
Student advisor for Physics majors.
Phone: 423-439-8684 (Brown Hall 281)

Frank B. Hagelberg , Professor, ETSU Faculty since 2007, Ph.D. - University of Bonn, Germany. Professional Interests: Computational Physics.
Phone: 423-439-6725 (Brown Hall 279)

Gary D. Henson , Associate Professor, ETSU Faculty since 1989, B.S. - University of Central Arkansas, M.S. - University of New Mexico, Ph.D. - University of Oregon (1989). Professional Interests: Visible & infrared photometry and polarimetry of variable stars.
Phone: 423-439-6906 (Brown Hall 274)

Ignace Richard Ignace , Professor, ETSU Faculty since 2003, B.S. - Indiana University, M.S. - University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin (1996). Professional Interests: Hot stars; gravitational lenses.
Phone: 423-439-6904 (Brown Hall 274)

Don Luttermoser Donald G. Luttermoser , Professor, Department Chair, ETSU Faculty since 1996, B.S. (Astronomy & Physics) - University of Michigan, M.A. (Physics) - Wayne State University, M.A. (Astronomy) - Indiana University, Ph.D. (Astrophysics) - Indiana University (1988). Professional Interests: Astrophysics; Mira stars; carbon stars; stellar atmospheres; UV spectroscopy; NLTE radiative transfer; planetary atmosphere evolution.
Phone: 423-439-7064 (Brown Hall 280)

Yuri Razskazovskiy, Associate Professor, ETSU Faculty since 2002, B.S. (Chemistry) - Moscow State University, Ph.D. (Chemistry) - Moscow State University (1984). Professional Interests: Radiation Biophysics; DNA Constituents; DNA Radiation Damage.
Phone: 423-439-6908 (Brown Hall 369)

Bev Smith Beverly J. Smith , Professor, ETSU Faculty since 1999, A.B. - Brown University, Ph.D. - University of Massachusetts (1989). Professional Interests: Multiwavelength observational astronomy, interstellar medium and star formation in external galaxies, interacting galaxies, asymptotic giant branch stars.
Student advisor for Physics majors.
Phone: (423)-439-8418 (Brown Hall 273)

Adjunct and Temporary Faculty

Mallika Dhar, Lecturer, At ETSU since 2010, B.S. - University of Calcutta, M.S. (Physics) - University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D. Computational Science with Emphasis in Physics (2010). Professional Interests: Producing meson mass spectra using numerical computation.
Phone: 423-439-8682 (Brown Hall 282)


Robert Gardner,  Professor in the Mathematics Department; Adjunct Professor of Physics, ETSU Faculty since 1993, B.S. (Mathematics) - Auburn University in Montgomery, M.S. (Mathematics/Combinatorics) - Auburn University, M.S. (Zoology and Wildlife), Ph.D. (Mathematics) - Auburn University (1991). Professional Interests: Discrete math, complex analysis, population genetics, combinatorics, cosmology, topology and geometry of the Universe.
Phone: 423-439-6622 (308L Gilbreath Hall)

Research Staff

Hilding Neilson Hilding Neilson, Research Assistant Professor, At ETSU since 2012.   Radiative transfer, stellar atmospheres, stellar evolution, and Cepheid variable stars.  B.Sc. in Astrophysics from St. Mary's University, Halifax, Canada, and Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.





  Department Staff

Karen Sullivan, Department Executive Aide.

Phone: 423-439-4231 (Department Office, Brown Hall 277)

Dennis Hedrick, Department Technician
Phone: 423-439-6907 (Brown Hall 263)


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