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Fall 2014


Thermal and Statistical Physics The Thermal and Statistical Physics class (PHYS 4117), on September 3, 2014. 










Devanshu AgrawalDevanshu Agrawal (Class of 2014; Physics and Math Double Major) started graduate school in Mathematics at ETSU this fall.




Joe WeatherlyMelvin Joseph Weatherly (Class of 2012) has started graduate school in Physics at the University of Washington.






Brandon Sexton Brandon Sexton (Class of 2013) has been commissioned as an officer in the Air Force.   He is stationed at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is working in Space Operations, in Satellite Command and Control.   





Summer 2014


Susan Olmsted Physics major Susan Olmsted is working in the Department this summer with Dr. Beverly Smith, using multi-wavelength data to compare star formation in interacting galaxies and normal spiral galaxies.





Kristen CampbellPhysics major Kristen Campbell is also working with Dr. Beverly Smith this summer.   She is working with X-ray images of interacting galaxies.




Andrew BoghozianPhysics major Andrew Boghozian is doing a summer research internship this summer at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute in North Carolina.  He is working with Dr. Michael Castelaz on RR Lyrae stars




Joseph McNeilPhysics major Joseph T. McNeil is participating in a summer Research Experience for Undergraduate program this summer at the University of Florida in Gainesville.   He is working with  Dr. Ivan Furic on a project titled `Design and testing of the upgrades to the CMS detector'.  This is one of the instruments on the Large Hadron Collider. 




Brett BaileyETSU graduate Brett Bailey (Class of 2011; double major in Physics and Chemistry) visited the Department in July 2014.  Brett has completed his first year in Medical School at Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee. 






Jessie Deering ETSU graduate Jessie Deering (now Jamieson) (class of 2013, Physics Minor/Math Major) visited the Department in August.  Jessie and her husband William Jamieson (2013, Physics/Math double major) are now graduate students in Math at the University of Nebraska.  Jessie is shown in the picture to the left (second from the left), along with Department faculty Drs. Donald Luttermoser (far left), Mark Giroux middle), and Beverly Smith (right). 







Dr. Donald Luttermoser attended the Stars: Old, Young and Variable conference held at Iowa State University May 18-21, 2014.   He gave a talk entitled `The Infrared Spectra of Mira Variable Stars'.   This meeting was held in honor of Lee Anne Willson, upon her retirement from Iowa State.

Drs. Richard Ignace and Hilding Neilson attended the American Astronomical Society meeting held in Boston Massachusetts in June 2014.    Dr. Ignace gave a talk entitled `Radio Emission from Macroclumps in Massive Stars Winds', while Dr. Neilson gave a talk titled `The Cepheid in the Eclipsing Binary System OGLE-LMC-CEP1812 in a Stellar Merger'.


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