Fall 2005 - Spring 2006 Dept News

Chris Gregg 
Chris Gregg started as a new Assistant Professor of Geology Fall 2005.

Mark Hancock 
Mark Hancock started working with Beverly Smith as a post-doctoral research scientist in Astronomy Fall 2005.

Martin Hendry 
Martin Hendry, an Astronomer from the University of Glasgow, is visiting ETSU during Fall 2005 as the Basler Chair of Excellence.

Rico Ignace 
Rico Ignace is the Basler Faculty Fellow for 2005-6.

Martin & Rico 
Martin Hendry and Rico Ignace before the September 29 Basler Lecture on `How Scotland Changed the World'.

Martin Hendry's wife, Martin Hendry, and Sam Crawford 
Martin Hendry's wife Ruth Wilkinson, Martin Hendry, and Sam Crawford after the Sept 29 Basler lecture. Ruth, a classical musician, and Sam, an ETSU student, performed some Scottish folk songs during the presentation. 

Lattie Collins 
Lattie Collins retired from the ETSU faculty after 40 years of service. He will be working part time at ETSU for the next four years as the pre-med advisor.


  • Niall Shanks (Professor, Philosophy Dept; Adjunct Faculty in Physics, Astronomy, and Geology; Adjunct Faculty in Biology) has left ETSU for a Distinguished Faculty position at Wichita State University, Kansas.

    Dr. Bev Smith 
    Beverly Smith was awarded the 2005 Distinguished Faculty Award in Research


  • Beverly Smith presented the College of Arts and Science Jewell Friend Lecture August 24, 2005


  • Physics faculty in matching shirtrs 
    By chance, Gary Henson, Don Luttermoser, and Mark Giroux all arrived at work on Monday September 12, 2005 wearing the same outfit, their SARA shirts. 


  • Beverly Smith and Mark Hancock attended the Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution conference in Pasadena California in November 2005 and presented posters.


  • ETSU Physics Majors Kristin Stone and Phil Davis graduated from ETSU December 2005.


  • Physics Majors Amanda Moffett and Sean Mathews graduated from ETSU May 2006.


  • Rachel Baker's baby boy
    Former ETSU Physics Major Rachel Baker (May 2005 graduate) had a baby boy, Jacob Ivan Horn, November 14, 2005. That's him in the picture above.

    Amanda Moffett  
    Physics Major Amanda Moffett (center in picture above) was awarded the 2006 Outstanding Senior in Physics Award. The picture above shows her with department faculty. Back row, left to right: Faculty members Don Luttermoser and Mick Whitelaw. Front row: Yongli Gao, Beverly Smith, Amanda Moffett, Mark Giroux, and Rico Ignace.


  • Construction on the Visitor's Center at the Gray Fossil Site began in October 2005, and continued throughout the year. 


  • Dept Exec Aide Theresa Marlow left the Dept in Spring 2006, for a new position in the Student Affairs Office. She was replaced as Exec Aide by Debbie Starnes.

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