Fall 2009 News

Fall 2009/Spring 2010 News


Physics major Coral Franklin has been awarded a scholarship through the McKee Foundation.   Only six of these are awarded per year.

Physics majors Coral Franklin, Erin Middlemas, and Qiongge Li attended the First Annual Southeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, held at Duke University January 15 - 17, 2010.   Coral Franklin presented a poster entitled `Modeling the Mice Interacting Pair of Galaxies Using a Genetic Algorithm'.

Physics major Sabrina Hurlock participated in the `Posters at the State Capitol Day' in Nashville in February 2010.  She presented a poster on her research titled `Automatic Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections'.  

Several Physics majors gave presentations on their research at the March 2010 ETSU Undergraduate Student Research Forum/Symposium.
Sabrina Hurlock (shown at left) gave a talk entitled `Programmatically Detecting Coronal Mass Ejections'
(Advisor: Don Luttermoser), as well as a poster titled `Multi-Wavelength Comparison of Interacting Galaxies'  (Advisor: Beverly Smith).   Ryen Lapham gave a talk on `Venusian Mantle Modeling and Corona Formation' (Advisor: Suzanne Smrekar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory).  Coral Franklin presented a poster entitled `Modeling the Mice Interacting Pair of Galaxies using a Genetic Algorithm' (Advisor: Beverly Smith).   Jessica Webb presented a poster titled `Phase Lags in the Optical-Infrared Light Curves of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars' (Advisor: Beverly Smith).    Jason Beaulieu, Thomas Gemmer, and William Jamieson were all co-authors on a poster entitled `Dynamical Behavior of the Discrete-Time Logistic Model' (Advisor: Dr. Ariel Cintron-Arias, ETSU Math Dept), along with Physics Minor Jeremy Brooks and two other students. 

Physics major Sabrina Hurlock won the ETSU `Unsung Hero' award at the ETSU Summit Awards on March 12, 2010, for her work in public outreach in physics and astronomy.  

Two physics majors, Erin Middlemas (left) and Qiongge Li (right), performed at the 2010 Piano Concert `Chopin 200/Dances', held in the ETSU Music Dept April 17.

Qiongge Li won the `Outstanding Physics Major of the Year' award.   This prize is awarded to the graduating senior physics major with the highest overall GPA.  She will graduate in May 2010, and will attend the University of Georgia in the fall, as a graduate student in Physics.

A collection of Physics majors at the Spring 2010 lunch for majors.   From left to right:  Coral Franklin,  Chance Brown, Tom Gemmer, John Burdette, Jason Beaulieu, Trisha Massenzo, Erin Middlemas, Olivia Miller, and Qiongge Li.   

Graduating senior Sabrina Hurlock gave a presentation on her Honors thesis on Monday April 26, 2010.  Her thesis was titled ` Automatic Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections Using Advanced Coronal Image Separation Methods' . In this picture, she is shown with her thesis advisor Dr. Don Luttermoser.

Seven physics majors graduated in May 2010.   They include Qiongge Li (left) and Weisong Tu (right), along with Jason Beaulieu, Sabrina Hurlock, Daniel Phillips, Jesse Delatte, and Alfred Hopkins (not shown).

Three more of our May 2010 graduates are shown here.   Left to right, they are Alfred Hopkins, Jessie Delatte, and Sabrina Hurlock.


ETSU Physics graduate Chris Carver (2009) started medical school at ETSU this Fall.

Physics graduate Rachel Miller (2009) started graduate school in Physics at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville this fall.

ETSU Physics graduate Wes Erbsen (2008) started graduate school in Physics at Kansas State University this fall.

ETSU Physics graduate Tommy Byrd (2008) started graduate school in Physics at the College of William and Mary this fall.

ETSU Physics graduate Phil Davis (2005) started graduate school in Math at ETSU this fall.

ETSU Physics graduate Mike Houchins (2001) started a new job at Liquidia, a nanotechnology company that specializes in the design and manufacture of micro- and nanoparticles for applications in the life and material sciences.   Mike received a masters degree in Material Science from Clemson University in 2006.

ETSU Physics major graduate David Begley (2008) started graduate school in Civil Engineering in January 2009 at the Colorado School of Mines

Jennifer Salyer Houchins (Math Major/Physics Minor Class of 2004) is now working at SHODOR, a national resource for computational science education, in Durham NC.

Sean Mathews (Class of 2006) is now a Medical Physicist at the Baylor Health Care System in Dallas, Texas.  He received a master's degree in Medical Physics from the University of Kentucky in 2009.

Dave Haefner (Physics major Class of 2004) received his PhD in Optics from the University of Central Florida in May 2010.  His thesis title was `Near-Field Optical Interactions and Applications'.   To read the abstract of his thesis, click here.

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