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Society of Physics Students

A picture from the September 13, 2012 meeting of the Society of Physics Students (SPS).  From left to right: Olivia Miller, Bryan (Matt) Cannon, Yesenia Pascual-Cruz, Allysa Spooner Adams, Chance Brown, Jessie Deering, John White (behind), Alixanderia Egbert, William Jamieson, Taylor Cairnes.  


SPS sept 2012


Another picture from the September SPS meeting.  From left to right: Erin Middlemas, Michael Baker, Pashupati Shah, Olivia Miller, Bryan (Matt) Cannon, Yesenia Pascual-Cruz, Alyssa Spooner Adams.



Xiqiao WangIn November 2013, Physics major Xiqiao Wang presented his Honors thesis in the Department.  His thesis was titled  `Hyperfine Coupling Calculations using DFT'.




Aaron Ross Ponder Four Physics majors graduated in December 2012:  Laura Buchanan, Jake Carr, Joshua Kindle, and Aaron Ross Ponder.   Ross Ponder is shown to the left.






Two Physics majors attended the January 6 - 10, 2013 meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting, held in Long Beach, California.   Erin Middlemas presented a poster on `Neutrino Production in Infrared Dark Clouds'.  Alyssa Spooner Adams presented a poster entitled `Polarization of Light Emitted from Mira-Type Stars'

Physics major Erin Middlemas attended the 2013 Southeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida January 18 - 20, 2013.   Erin gave a talk entitled `Neutrino Production in Dark Clouds'.

William Jamieson thesis Erin thesis Several Physics majors and minors gave talks at theBoland Undergraduate Research Symposiumheld at the Millenium Centre in Johnson City on April 2, 2013.    These include physics major Pashupati Shah `Modeling of Natural Killer Cell Dynamics and their Role in Tumor Mitigation',  physics/technology double major Xiqiao Wang: 'Accurate Hyperfine Coupling Calculations using DFT', physics minor/math major Isaac Justus: 'Analyzing Graphs by Degrees: Maximum Values for Trees', physics/math double major Erin Middlemas: 'Soliton Solutions of the Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation', physics minor/math major Jessie Deering: 'Downhill and Uphill Domination in Graphs and Related Graph Parameters,  physics/math double major William Jamieson: 'General Bounds on the Downhill Domination Number in Graphs'.   William Jamieson is shown to the left. and Erin Middlemas to the right.   The presentations by Isaac Justus, Erin Middlemas, Jessie Deering, and William Jamieson were Honors theses presentations. 

Elizabeth Williams Three Physics majors presented posters at the Appalachian Student Research Forum, held at the Millenium Centre Thursday April 4.   Elizabeth Williams (shown to the left) presented a poster entitled `Diffuse X-Ray Emission in the Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies'.   Erin Middlemas had a poster titled `Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Soliton Solutions to a Perturbed Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation'.  Alyssa Adam presented a poster titled `Polarized Light Emerging from Mira-Type Stars'.



Alyssa Adams thesis On April 17, 2013, Physics major Allysa Spooner Adams gave a seminar in the Department on her Honors thesis.   Her thesis is titled `Exploring the Properties of Mira-Type Stars with Spectropolarimetry'.




Olivia Miller Physics major Olivia Miller presented her Honors thesis in the Department April 29, 2013. It was titled `Reactive Intermediates in Hypoxia-Selective DNA Damage







grad majors spring 2013

 The Spring 2013 party in honor of our graduating seniors was held April 30, 2013. This picture shows 11 of the 14 Physics majors scheduled to graduate in May 2013. Back row, left to right: William Jamieson, Cory Ball, Xiqiao Wang, Pashupati Shah, Terrance McDermott, Brandon Sexton. Front row, left to right: Brittany Self, Olivia Miller, Erin Middlemas, and Alyssa Spooner Adams. The other three graduating seniors are John Adams, Jack Hartsell, and Terry Warden.


X Wang During the Spring 2013 Department party, Xiqiao Wang (shown to left) was awarded the Outstanding Student in Physics Prize for 2013, for being the graduating senior Physics major with the highest overall GPA.  In this picture he is shown with Department Chair Don Luttermoser.    A total of 10 physics majors won `Graduating with Distinction Prizes' this year, awarded to those Physics Majors with a GPA of 3.50 or higher:  Alyssa Spooner Adams, Chance Brown, Laura Buchanan, William Jamieson, Terrance McDermott, Erin Middlemas, Olivia Miller, Brittany Self, Brandon Sexton, Pashupati Shah, and Xiqiao Wang. 




party spring 2013 Another picture from the Spring 2013 Department party is shown to the left.   On left, in front, is Terrance McDermott.  On right in front (partially cut-off) is Elizabeth Williams.  Standing in far back to left is Dr. Rico Ignace.  In the pink shirt with the hat is Brandon Sexon, sitting next to Olivia Miller.





Michael Baker Devanshu Agrawal Brittany Self Brandon Sexton Jessie Deering and William Jamieson Some more pictures of Department students from the Spring 2013 party.   From left to right:  Michael Baker, Devanshu Agrawal,  Brittany Self,  Brandon Sexton, Jessie Deering, and William Jamieson.

2013 grads A total of 14 Physics majors graduated May 11, 2013.   Four of these are shown in the picture to the left.  Left to right:  William Jamieson, Olivia Miller, Erin Middlemas, and Chance Brown.   On right is Physics minor/math major Jessie Deering.  Other graduates not shown include Alyssa Adams, John Adams,  Cory Ball, Jack Hartsell, Terrance McDermott, Brittany Self, Brandon Sexton, Pashupati Shah,  Xiqiao Wang, Terry Warden.





Qiongge Li (class of 2010)Physics major Qiongge Li (class of 2010) started graduate school in Medical Physics at Duke University






Moises Serrano An article about Physics graduate Moises Serrano (class of 2005) and his Ph.D. research appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of Illuminated Magazine, a publication about ETSU graduate research.   Moises is now a Ph.D. candidate in the Biomedical Sciences program. 





Ryan DeskinsWalter Ryan Deskins (class of 2008) has accepted a position as the course director of physical science at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida.   After leaving ETSU, he obtained an M.S. degree in Physics from Florida State University.




Sharon GrayPhysics graduate Sharon Gray (class of 2009) visited the Department January 28, 2013, and gave a seminar on her master's thesis in Biomedical Engineering, which completed at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.   Her talk was entitled `An Investigation of Rare Earth Co-doping in Fluorochlorozirconate Glass-Ceramic Imaging Plates to Improve the Storage Phosphor Properties for Computed Radiography'.  She received her master's degree in May 2013.




Nate BaileyNate Bailey (Class of 2004) started a job as a Registered Patent Attorney, working for Waddey & Patterson, P. C., in Nashville TN.





Ryen Lapham (Class of 2011) visited the Dept Monday April 1, and gave a seminar on `Far-Infrared Emission Lines in Lenticular and Early Type Galaxies'.   Ryen is now a graduate student in the Physics Department at New Mexico Tech.

David Chris Carver (Class of 2009) graduated from  Medical School at Quillen Medical School, East Tennessee State University



Hilding NeilsonDr. Hilding Neilson started a position in the Department as a post-doctoral researcher in Fall 2012.   His research is in stellar atmospheres and stellar evolution, including radiative transfer.  Hilding obtained a B.Sc. degree in Astrophysics from St. Mary's University, Halifax, Canada, and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.




Dr. Hilding Neilson presented a poster at the January 6-10, 2013 meeting of the American Astronomical Society, entitled `Stellar Evolution Models of Classical Cepheids Require Enhanced Mass Loss'

Dr. Mark Giroux was named one of the `Ten Top Teachers at ETSU' in the February 27, 2013 issue of the East Tennessean Student Newspaper.

Rico at Workshop Dr. Richard Ignace organized a workshop entitled `Education, Research, and Economic Impact: Making the Future Brighter for Northeast Tennessee'.   This workshop was help March 20, 2013 at the Millennium Centre in Johnson City.





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