Summer 2003 Dept News


  • Dr. Mark Giroux was in the news: see the article in the July 15, 2003 ETSU Accent
  • Dr. Rico Ignace, currently at the University of Wisconsin, has accepted a faculty position in the Dept.  He will be starting here in Fall of 2003.
  • The Pre-Engineering program, formerly in the College of Technology, is now being administered by the Department of Physics.  For information about this click here.
  • The Department of Geology, formerly in the College of Technology, is now part of the Department of Physics.  Information about this department is still on the College of Technology's web page, but will be moved to this page soon.

 Student News


  • Rachel Baker (ETSU Physics Major) has been admitted to the Honors in Physics program.She is working for Dr. Beverly Smith this summer on infrared data of variable stars. This work is being supported by a NASA grant.

  • Amanda Moffett (ETSU Physics Major) is also working with Dr. Beverly Smith on models of interacting galaxies.This research is supported by a National Science Foundation Research at Undergraduate Institutions grant.

  • Chad Huffman (ETSU Physics Major) is working with Dr. Gary Henson.He is funded by the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium.

  • William Teets, from Austin Peay State University, is working with Dr. Henson on Microvariability in Mira Stars as part of the NSF SARA Research Experience for Undergraduate Program.

  • Twyla Smith (ETSU Physics Major) is working with Dr. Don Luttermoser analyzing ultraviolet data of cool stars.She is funded through the NSF SARA Research Experience for Undergraduate program.

  • Kristin Stone (ETSU Physics Major) is currently at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, as part of a NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate program. She is working on a research project involving superstring theory.
  • Rachel Baker, Twyla Smith, and William Teets gave talks and posters at the SARA REU meeting in Melbourne Florida August 1-2, 2003. Pictures of them with their posters are shown below.

rachel twyla billy


  • Dr. David Close gave an invited talk at the 39th IUPAC Congress and 86th Conference of The Canadian Society for Chemistry in Ottawa, Canada in the session Radicals in Chemistry and Biology.  The title of his talk was "DFT Calculations on the Primary Radiation Induced Free Radicals Observed in DNA Model Compounds"
  • Dr. Mark Giroux gave an invited talk at the Frontiers in Laboratory Astrophysics Conference held in Athens Georgia June 26-27, 2003.
  • Dr. David Close has been elected as the Councilor in Physics of the Radiation Research Society.  The council consists of the Officers and elected Councilors from physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine and conducts the affairs of the RR Society.
  • Dr. David Close along with Dr. Arjun Makhijani (IEER) and Lisa Ledwidge have written the BEIR VII Committee (Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation) of the National Academy of Sciences asking the Committee to consider several situations involving low level radiation exposure.  The letter is online at .
  • Dr. David Close (Chair of Physics) was a member of the Ph. D Thesis Committee for Gareth Forde at the Department of Chemistry at Jackson State University.  He attended the Thesis Presentation on May 29, 2003.
  • Dr. Beverly Smith was on the Master's thesis committee for ETSU psychology student Tifani Hite. Her thesis, defended July 7, 2003, was titled `Gender, Spatial Learning Trials, and Object Recall.'
  • Dr. David Close is a member of the Adjudication Committee for Eirik Malinen's Candidate for the degree of Doctor of Science at the University of Oslo.  Dr. Close attended the Thesis Presentation on June 26, 2003 in Oslo.  Below is a picture of Dr. Close (right) with Eva Lund (center right), Eirik (center left), and Professor Erik Olai Petterson (left). 


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