Summer 2005 Dept News


  • Mark Giroux and Beverly Smith attended the American Astronomical Society meeting in Minneapolis Minnesota May 29 - June 2, 2005. For abstracts of their posters, click here.



  • ETSU Physics major Sean Mathews is working with Mark Giroux on a research project entitled `Searching the Sloan Digitized Sky Survey for Local Group Analogs'.
  • ETSU Physics major Amanda Moffett is participating in the American Museum of Natural History Research Experience for Undergraduates program in New York City this summer. She is working with Sebastien Lepine on a `Pilot Survey of 350 Square Degrees for Stars with Proper Motions mu > 0.05"/year'.
  • ETSU Physics major David Simpson is an intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory this summer.
  • ETSU Physics minor/Math major Daniel Lamb is working with Beverly Smith on various projects.
  • New ETSU Physics graduate Moises Serrano is working with Gary Henson on various projects.
  • ETSU computer science graduate student Sam Perkins is doing an independent study project with Beverly Smith and Phil Pfeiffer (Computer Science) on `Modeling the Interactions between Galaxies with a Computer Cluster'.
  • Jeremy McLaughlin (Radford College) is working with Gary Henson on a project entitled `Variability in Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars'. Jeremy is working at ETSU as part of the SARA REU program.
  • Adam Brimeyer (Iowa State University undergraduate) is working with Rico Ignace on a project entitled `Thin Emission Lines from Non-Spherical Stellar Winds'. Adam is working at ETSU as part of the SARA REU program.
  • New ETSU Physics graduate Rachel Baker is teaching Upward Bound classes at ETSU over the summer.

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