Dept News Summer 2012


Elizabeth WilliamsPhysics major Elizabeth Williams is working in the Department with Dr. Beverly Smith this summer, doing research on hot interstellar gas in interacting galaxies using data from the NASA Chandra telescope.

Alyssa Spooner AdamsPhysics major Alyssa Spooner is doing research with Dr. Richard Ignace this summer in the Dept.

Xiqiao WangPhysics major Xiqiao Wang is doing research this summer in the Department, using density functional theory to calculate radiation damage to DNA. He is working with Dr. David Close.

  Taylor CairnesPhysics major Taylor Cairnes is doing research in the summer in the Department with Dr. Beverly Smith, investigating Spitzer infrared colors of galaxies.

Erin MiddlemasPhysics major Erin Middlemas is participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates program this summer at the University of Wisconsin.   She is doing research on neutrinos.

  Chance BrownPhysics major Chance Brown is participating in a Research program this summer at the University of Southern Florida, in Material Science.   He will be working on a project entitled 'Interatomic potentials for atomistic simulations of matter under extreme conditions' with Dr. Ivan Oleynik.

Olivia MillerPhysics major Olivia Miller is participating in a High Energy Physics research program through Duke University this summer, which involves research at CERN in Europe.   Click here to read the article about Olivia that appeared in the July 12th Johnson City Press.  Click here to read her Elog of her activities during her summer program.

  Physics major William Jamieson and Physics minor Jessie Deering are participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates at Auburn University this summer, in graph theory.

Nick Pingel (Univ of Wisconsin student)Nick Pingel, an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, is working in the Department this summer with Dr. Richard Ignace.   He is participating in the 'Southeastern Association for Astronomy' (SARA) Research Experience for Undergraduate program run through Florida Tech.

  Tony DeRucchis (Univ of the Cumberlands student)Tony DeRucchis, an undergraduate at the University of the Cumberlands, is doing research this summer in the Dept with Dr. Gary Henson.   He is also part of the SARA REU program.

A lumni

Sabrina Hurlock (Class of 2010) has started graduate school this summer in Engineering Science at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

Jason Beaulieu (Class of 2010) started a new job at OSIsoft Corporation in Johnson City.  Jason completed a masters in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech this spring.

Jessica Webb (Class of 2012) will be teaching at Unicoi County High School starting in Fall 2012

Physics graduate Jesse Delatte (class of 2010) has been teaching English in China for the last two years.


Bev Smith at AAS Meeting Mark Giroux at AAS MeetingDrs. Beverly Smith and Mark Giroux attended the American Astronomical Society meeting in Anchorage Alaska June 10 - 14.  They presented a poster entitled 'Beads, Knots, and Gems: The Role of Swallowtails and Caustics in Triggering Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies', by B. J. Smith, M. L. Giroux, and C. Struck.

  Dr. Tabetha Hole will be starting a visiting faculty position at Weber State University in Utah this summer.  She is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Department.


The Dept, in conjunction with the Bays Mountain Astronomy Club, hosted a public viewing of the Venus Transit on June 5, 2012.  For pictures, see the Johnson City Press web site.

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