Photographs of the Harry D. Powell Observatory & Astronomy Labs

Astronomy II student Jim Malone measuring sunspots using a Sunspotter (taken in front of Brown Hall, Spring 2003).



The Harry D. Powell Observatory looking at it from the west towards the east. The eight Meade telescopes are seen on their piers. The dome for the 14-inch Celestron rests on the southwest corner of the building.



Seven of the eight Meade telescopes mounted on the piers form the Constellation Cornoa Borealis. The eigth telescope, where Don Luttermoser, one of the ETSU astronomers, is standing, completes the set of eight Meade telescopes.



Part of the work room inside the building is seen here. Four computers that control four of the Meades are set on one of the tables in the room. Also seen on the back wall is the 42-inch plasmavision flat-screen TV/monitor used with an AstroVid 2000 on the 14-inch Celestron, or computer during public and class lectures.



The ETSU radio telescope, at the Harry D. Powell Observatory (photo by William Teets).



A view of the back of the observatory at night. The ETSU radio telescope is visible to the right (photo by William Teets).



The Harry D. Powell Observatory, with the dome lit up. (photo by William Teets).

red dome


A view of the Harry D. Powell Observatory from the parking lot. (photo by William Teets).



A view of the Harry D. Powell Observatory from a distance. (photo by William Teets).



The ETSU radio telescope, along with pedestals for the 8" Meade telescopes. (photo by William Teets).



Pictures from the Summer 2004 Teacher's Workshop on Variable Stars.

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