Schedule of FREE Star Party Open Houses


Free public Observatory Open Houses will be held at the ETSU campus Observatory once a month during the school year when the weather permits. The dates and times are listed below. During these open houses, the telescopes will be set up and available for visitors to view celestial objects, and ETSU astronomers will be available to answer questions. During each open house, one of the ETSU astronomers or physicists will give a short talk on a popular astronomical topic. All programs are open to the public and free of charge.  Note that Observatory Open Houses are cancelled if the sky is cloudy. If you are uncertain as to the weather conditions, call the observatory before traveling up there to make sure the Open House will be held. For more information, contact Dr. Beverly Smith at or Dr. Gary Henson at For directions and a map, check the observatory web page at or call 423-439-4231 or 423-439-8418. The phone number at the Observatory is 423-929-3382.

September 14
8 pm - 10 pm

Searching for Habitable Worlds: Results from Kepler
Presented by Dr. Mark Giroux 
(Assisted by Dr. Beverly Smith)

October 12
8 pm - 10 pm

The Comet Hunters 
Presented by Dr. Beverly Smith 
(Assisted by Dr. Mark Giroux)

November 9
8 pm - 10 pm
Seeing the Universe from ETSU
Presented by Dr. Gary Henson
(Assisted by Dr. Yuriy Razskazovskiy )

February 8  
8 pm - 10 pm
The Hypersonic Universe
Presented by Dr. Richard Ignace 
(Assisted by Dr. Gary Henson )

March 8
8 pm - 10 pm
The Death of Earth 
Presented by Dr. Donald Luttermoser
(Assisted by Dr.Richard Ignace )

April 5
8 pm -- 10 pm 
The Future of Space Travel

  Presented by Dr. Yuriy Razskazovskiy 
(Assisted by Dr. Donald Luttermoser)

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