For information about what our recent Physics graduates are doing, check our dept alumni web page.  Also check the Careers in Physics web page of the American Institute of Physics and the Careers in Astronomy web page of the American Astronomical Society. Also check PHYSLINK Jobs for Physicists and Engineers.

In addition, there is a great demand for high school science teachers with undergraduate degrees in physics. Generally, to become a physics teacher one would also need to take teacher preparation courses as well as physics courses. Check out the College of Education web page at ETSU for more information about this. Also check out the Teach for America web page.

You may also choose to enter a graduate school to earn a Master of Science degree or Ph.D. degree before job hunting. Not only are there jobs in industry, but there are also opportunities to pursue faculty positions at universities, or work in government research laboratories. Generally, an M.S. degree is required for teaching at a community college and Ph.D. for working at a university.