The primary mission of the Department of Physics & Astronomy Honors-In-Discipline program is to recognize and foster excellence in student achievement at East Tennessee State University by:

  • Recruiting academically talented and highly motivated students
  • Nurturing the intellectual growth of scholars by providing challenging curricula
  • Encouraging life-long learning and leadership
  • Instilling the desire to advance knowledge
  • Promoting continued studies in graduate school
  • Offering the Physics faculty the opportunity for innovative and unique teaching experiences

Admission, Retention, & Graduation Requirements

Program of Study

Financial Support

On-Line Application Form

Enrichment Activities

ETSU Physics & Astronomy Department

For More Information:
Physics and Astronomy Honors-In-Discipline Program
East Tennessee State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Box 70652
Johnson City, TN 37614-0652
Phone: 423-439-4231

Or contact the Honors-in-Discipline Advisor in Physics, Dr. Mark Giroux 423-439-8684.

Last Modified January 15, 2009