NASA Tennessee Space Grant Scholarships

Pending funding, a number of NASA Tennessee Space Grant scholarships of $1250 each will be awarded for the Spring 2015 semester.   This scholarship is primarily intended for Physics majors who are relatively early in their college careers. Students who receive this scholarship will be required to take the 1 credit hour course PHYS 1500: Research Methods during the Spring 2015 semester. Preference will be given to students who will be taking Calculus I, Calculus II, or Technical Physics II concurrently with PHYS 1500. Both academic promise and financial need will be considered in selecting recipients for these scholarships. Students must be officially declared as a Physics major to receive one of these scholarships, and must be able to take PHYS 1500 at its scheduled time to receive a scholarship.

Application Deadline:   Friday November 14, 2014


Click here for an application form.  

Submit applications to Dr. Beverly Smith, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, ETSU, Box 70652, Johnson City TN 37614, or in person to Brown 273,  or via fax to (423)-439-6905.