International Affairs Major

The Baccalaureate Program

The International Affairs major is a study of the behavior of states, international organizations, and domestic political actors within the international community.  The major provides a basis for analyzing international issues such as international cooperation and conflict, the global political economy, US foreign policy, world cultures, global health and environmental concerns, and international law and organization.

Although International Affairs majors take most of their courses in political science, they also may take courses in history, economics, anthropology, public health, and other liberal arts disciplines.  Beyond learning theories, concepts, and principles within the study of international relations, students in the major develop research, analytical, presentation, and communication skills.  Additionally, students much acquire knowledge of at least one foreign language, and participation in study abroad programs is highly encouraged.

The International Affairs major provides excellent preparation for law school and/or graduate school, and majoring in International Affairs can lead to employment in many sectors of the economy.  Potential positions of employment include policy analyst, social science teacher, international business management, foreign correspondent, consultant, legislative aide, intelligence officer, Foreign Service Officer, non-governmental organization researcher or manager, Peace Corps office, and United Nationals staff member.

Major Requirements

Total credits required for graduation:  120 hours

All majors are required to take fifteen credits in the Major Field Core of the following courses:

PSCI 2210  Introduction to Comparative Politics   3 hrs
PSCI 2220  Introduction to World Politics   3 hrs
PSCI 3310  International Relations   3 hrs
PSCI 3440  Research Methods   3 hrs
PSCI 3750  International Law and Organizations    3 hrs

Major Field Electives    Total Credits: 18 hours

Comparative Political Systems: Students must choose two courses (6 credits) from the following:

PSCI 3010  Chinese Politics   3 hrs
PSCI 3800  European Politics   3 hrs
PSCI 3830  Government and Politics of Latin America   3 hrs
PSCI 4820  Politics of Development and Change   3 hrs
*PSC1 4957/5957  Government & Politics of Russia and East Europe   3 hrs

(*Government & Politics of Russia and East Europe is currently offered as a special topics course)

Issues in International Affairs:  Students must choose two courses (6 credits) from the following:

PSCI 4300  International Politics   3 hrs
PSCI 3350  International Political Economy   3 hrs
PSCI 3000  Peace, Security, and Development   3 hrs
PSCI 4330  American Foreign Policy   3 hrs
ECON 4527/5527  International Economics   3 hrs

Contemporary Societies and Cultures:  Students must complete two 3-credit hour courses or one 6-credit hour course.  The following list of courses is illustrative only.  These courses or others not listed should be selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

PSCI 4007/5007  Study Abroad   6 hrs
SOAA 1240  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology   3 hrs
SOAA 3700  Peoples and Cultures of Latin America   3 hrs
HIST 3720  History of Africa   3 hrs
HIST 3740  History of Asia   3 hrs
HIST 4730  Latin America: Revolution and Nationalism   3 hrs
SPAN 3413  Civilization of Latin America   3 hrs
HIST 3340  Modern Europe   3 hrs
PUBH 4707  International Health: An Overview of Problems and Issues   3 hrs
HIST 4717  Modern Middle East   3 hrs
ECON 4527  International Economics   3 hrs

Other credits:   Minor Program (18-28 credit hours)
Additional university general electives (10-22 credit hours)

Three credit hours of a foreign language course numbered 2020 or above, and three credit hours of a non-US history course are required in addition to forty-one to forty-two credit hours of the University General Education requirements. 

For more information regarding the International Affairs Major, please contact Dr. Michele Crumley at (423) 439-6629 or