Tennessee Legislative Internship


Eligibility: Applicants for the Tennessee Legislative Internship Program must be enrolled as juniors, seniors or graduate students in degree programs in political science, law, history, administration, social work, economics, sociology, journalism, or related fields, and MUST BE REGISTERED TO VOTE IN TENNESSEE.  Applicants should also have at least a 30. GPA.
Term: Interns will be appointed for the 2012 Legislative Session for the period of January 7 until May 31 or one week after the adjournment of the Legislative Session, whichever occurs first.  (The appointment period will not be coterminous with the semester calendar, and school holidays such as spring break are not observed.
Stipend: A stipend of $350 per week will be paid to each intern, plus reimbursement for travel at the rate of .46 per mile of authorized travel between the intern's home institution and Nashville, limited to one round-trip per month.  A one-time advance payment of $350 will also be granted to each intern for relocation and adjustment purposes.  If there is any change in the amount of stipend paid to each intern, as a result of the meeting with the Sponsoring Committee, the students will be notified prior to their arrival.
_15_ hours of academic credit will be granted by this institution for participation in the Tennessee Legislative Internship Program.  No academic credit beyond that awarded for the internship program may be earned during the appointment period if such credit requires attendance at regularly scheduled classes.
Duties: Interns will be assigned to work in legislative leadership offices and committees from 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday.  Duties will vary from office to office, but may include bill analysis, constituent work, computer and library research, and general office work.
Interns are expected to attend weekly intern meetings usually held on Fridays.  Some examples of speakers included Governor Phil Bredesen, Chief Justice Barker and The Tennessee Constitutional Officers.  Interns also have the opportunity to tour Riverbend maximum-security prison, the State Capitol, and the Bicentennial Mall.  Other activities of interest include a visit to the Tennessee Supreme Court, mock legislative session, and playing the legislators in a game of basketball.
Interested students should contact the *official faculty representative listed below for application materials.  _ _October 10__ is the deadline for completed applications to be returned to all faculty representatives.
October 22, 2011  is the deadline for application materials to be returned to the Internship Program Administrator in Nashville. 
**Please feel free to visit the Tennessee General Assembly web site at http://www.legislature.state.tn.us/joint/Staff/Intern/intern.htm
*Dr. Andrew Battista, Associate Professor
Department of Political Science, 301B Rogers-Stout Hall
(423) 439-6628;