City Management

Over 90 percent of the alumni of the MPA program are currently employed in some aspect of public management, with over two-thirds holding positions in urban administration. Approximately a third of the alumni are city managers or town administrators. Others serve as planners, financial and personnel officers, federal and state civil servants, managers and administrative officers of non-profit and private sector organizations, and other occupations connected with urban affairs. Given the expansion of professional management in many areas of public administration, the prospects for graduates of the program are excellent.


Course Requirements

Total Core Hours: 18 Credit Hours

Capstone Courses*

Total Capstone Hours: 6 Credit Hours

Note: * These courses fulfill the Culminating Experience requirement in the M.P.A. program.


City Management Concentration

This concentration is designed for students who wish to pursue a degree in urban administration or local government administration.


Required Courses

Total Concentration Hours: 12 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 36 Credit Hours