Political Science Major

Political Science Major Requirements

A major in Political Science requires completion of 36 semester hours (all course are 3 semester hours credit).

Required courses

PSCI 1110  Political Life   3 hrs
PSCI 1120  Introduction to American Government; and either   3 hrs
PSCI 2210  Intro to Comparative Politics; or   3 hrs
PSCI 2220 - Intro to World Politics   3 hrs
PSCI 3440 - Research Methods   3 hrs

One course at or above the 3000 level in each of the (5) sub-fields:

American Politics (AP)   3 hrs
Comparative Politics (CP)   3 hrs
International Politics (IR)   3 hrs
Political Theory (PT)   3 hrs
Public Law (PL)   3 hrs

Three courses to be selected freely from the Political Science curriculum - 9 hrs