Advisement: Political Science Majors and Minors


Political Majors and Minors

It is departmental policy that all Political Science majors seek advisement each semester prior to registration, until they graduate. Although any student can register without departmental approval following the completion of sixty (60) hours, we do not believe that this is either expedient or useful, as it is very easy to overlook various requirements, unless one is intimately familiar with the undergraduate catalogue.

Please, see . (301 Rogers-Stout Hall).

We have provided a great deal of information on the following pages:

The advisement process differs from student to student, as each student's record is different. However, some basic things apply:

  • You must complete the Undergraduate core .

  • You must complete a major (in this case, Political Science, presumably...).

  • You must complete a minor or a second major.

  • You must take enough electives to reach the minimum number of required hours (128 minimum).

The undergraduate advisement process is one of the most important aspects of your time at ETSU. Therefore, it is vitally necessary that you take an active part in your advisement. No advisor can guarantee that you graduate "on-time", if you personally fail to act responsibly in regard to seeking advisement, asking pertinent questions, and maintaining regular contact with your advisor.

Your questions and suggestions are welcome. Please include your e-mail address so that we can contact you directly.