Important Announcements


Undergraduate Psychology Majors:

If you have NOT taken BOTH PSYC3100 (Elementary Statistics) AND PSYC3200/01 (Principles of Psychological Research & Lab), AND/OR you have NOT taken PSYC4321 (Abnormal Psychology Writing Lab), please read - THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Beginning Fall 2013, we will no longer offer PSYC3100 or PSYC3200/01. These courses are being replaced with PSYC3050/51 (Design & Analysis I) and PSYC3060/61 (Design & Analysis II). These new courses will integrate statistics and research methods/design into a two-semester sequence of courses. The purpose of this integration is to help students better learn how statistics and research methods work together within psychological research.

What this means is that if you have only taken PSYC3100, and not PSYC3200/01, you MUST take & pass PSYC3200/01 BEFORE Fall 2013. It will be offered Spring and Summer 2013. If you do not, you will be required to take 3050/51 & 3060/61, even though you have already taken 3100.

If you have not taken either 3100 or 3200/01, unless you are planning to graduate December 2013, our recommendation is that you wait to take 3050/51 and 3060/61. If you are planning to graduate December 2013, you need to complete 3100 & 3200/01 BEFORE Fall 2013.

PSYC3050/51 will be offered Fall 2013, and after that, PSYC3050/51 and PSYC3060/61 will be offered every semester, but you will be required to take them in order. That is, 3050/51 is a prerequisite for 3060/61.

In addition to this change, Fall 2013 will be the LAST semester in which PSYC4321 will be offered. Our new writing intensive courses within the major will be 3051 and 3061. What this means is that if you have already taken 3100 and 3200/01, meaning you will not take 3050/51 and 3060/61, you will need to take PSYC4321 BEFORE Spring 2014 in order to have both of the writing intensive courses in the major that are required for graduation. PSYC4321 will be offered Spring, Summer, and Fall 2013.

Please email  if you have any questions.