Faculty and Staff

Clinical Faculty

Peggy CantrellPeggy Cantrell, Professor and Assistant Director of Clinical Training

409 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 1982, University of Southern Mississippi
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Research: Dating & marital violence; Women's issues

Will DaltonWilliam T. Dalton, III, Associate Professor
417 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2006, University of Memphis
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Research: Family health promotion; Childhood obesity

Chris Dula Chris S. Dula, Associate Professor

401-A Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2003, Virginia Tech
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Research: Traffic safety; Teaching of research: Test development

Jon Ellis Jon Ellis, Professor

405 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 1989, University of Southern Mississippi
Specialty: Clinical Child Psychology
Research: Suicide and reasons for living

Jamison Hirsch Jameson K. Hirsch, Associate Professor
424-E Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2003, University of Wyoming
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Research: Suicide prevention; Health psychology; Positive psychology

Jodi Polaha Jodi Polaha, Associate Professor

406 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 1998, Auburn University
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Research: Behavioral pediatrics; Rural mental health: Integrated care

Jill StinsonJill Stinson, Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Training
420B Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2006, University of Arizona
Specialty: Clinical Forensic Psychology
Research: Sex offenders, DBT, & serious mental illness

Jon Webb Jon R. Webb, Associate Professor

407 Rogers-Stout

Ph. D., 1998, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Research: Spirituality and Health

Experimental Faculty

Ginni Blackhart

Ginni Blackhart, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair

408 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2006, Florida State University
Specialty: Social Psychology
Research: Self-control and social rejection

Russell Brown Russ Brown, Professor

422-B Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 1998, University of Kentucky
Specialty: Behavioral Neuroscience
Research: Dopamine systems and addiction 

Andrea Clements Andrea D. Clements, Professor and Assistant Chair

415 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 1991, The University of Alabama
Specialty: Developmental Psychology
Research: Prenatal stress; Religious commitment & health

Wallace DixonWallace E. Dixon, Jr., Professor, Chair, and Graduate Program Coordinator

420-A Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 1990, Miami University
Specialty: Developmental Psychology
Research: Child temperament and language

Matt McBeeMatt McBee, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Experimental Training 

413 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2006, University of Georgia
Specialty: Educational & Quantitative Psychology
Research: Multilevel models; Causal inference; Structural equation models; measurement; Item response theory

Matt Palmatier Matt Palmatier, Assistant Professor

421C Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2004, University of Nebraska
Specialty: Behavioral Neuroscience
Research: Pre-clinical models of substance dependence

Shannon Ross-Sheehy Shannon Ross-Sheehy, Assistant Professor
418 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2005, University of Iowa
Specialty: Developmental Psychology
Research: Cognitive development; Infant visual cognition

Eric SellersEric Sellers, Associate Professor
424A Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2004, University of South Florida
Specialty: Cognitive neuroscience
Research: Brain-Computer Interface

Stacey Williams Stacey Williams, Associate Professor and Director of Experimental Training
414 Rogers-Stout

Ph.D., 2004, Kent State University
Specialty: Social & Quantitative Psychology
Research: Stigma & Trauma; Partner violence

Director, Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic

Kerry HollandKerry Holland, Director


Ph.D., 1994, University of Missouri
Specialty: Women's GLBT issues; Mindfulness/ meditation in psychotherapy    


Retired Faculty

Otto Zinser
Otto Zinser, Professor Emeritus, Retired

Ph.D., 1970, Texas Christian University
Specialty: General Experimental Psychology
Research: Gender differences in spatial perception


Roger Bailey
Roger Bailey, Professor, Retired

Ph.D., 1973, Oklahoma State University
Specialty: Social Psychology
Research: Interpersonal attractiveness and intimate relationships


David Marx
David Marx, Professor, Retired, Deceased

Ph.D., 1972, Loyola University, Chicago
Research: Abusive behavior and road rage

James S. Perry
James S. Perry, Professor, Retired

Ed.D., 1972, University of Virginia
Specialty: Educational Psychology
Research: Helping behaviors, age and life satisfaction, sports psychology

Michael Woodruff
Michael Woodruff, Professor, Retired

Ph.D., 1973, University of Florida
Specialty: Behavioral Neuroscience
Research: Mechanisms of recovery of function after brain or peripheral nerve damage


Support Staff

Debra RobersonDebra Roberson, Executive Aide, Department of Psychology

420B Rogers-Stout
423.439.4424 (office)
423.439.5695 (fax)

Carol GatzCarol Gatz, Executive Aide, Clinical Psychology

429C Rogers-Stout
423.439.4461 (office)
423.439.4472 (fax)