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Field education has long been considered the heart of social work education.   Most students report that their learning comes together in the field and that they have grown more comfortable and confident as they worked with “real” clients in “real” agencies.   Field education provides the student with client work where they can actually utilize the knowledge, skills and values taught in the classroom.   Students work with helping professionals in the agency and are able to watch and learn from them.   All students are assigned a social work field instructor so that they can talk about the application of classroom knowledge to field experiences.  

Each semester, students are placed in not for profit, government and other human services agencies throughout Northeast Tennessee.   Students are exposed to a variety of career possibilities and share information about their internship sites and their experiences in weekly seminars.   Some of the agencies in which students have field experience are detailed here:   Field Education database.

Field sites provide opportunities for students to receive hands-on experience working with individuals, families and small groups.   Students also have some opportunities to see how large groups and communities can be served by social workers.

BSW interns complete about 500 hours in a block placement setting (one semester).   MSW Foundation (1st year) students are in field for 16 hours per week in both the fall and spring semesters for a total of 480 hours.  MSW Concentration (2nd year) students are in field for a total of 600 hours over one year.   There are several options for structuring this field experience.   All MSW internships are completed concurrently with classes. Specific objectives and assignments for both programs are detailed in the BSW or MSW Field Education Manuals.  

Pam Davison coordinates placement of BSW students and Jane Maas-Brady coordinates placement of MSW students.  

Please feel free to contact either of them directly for further information.

Picture of Pam Davison Picture of Ms. Jane Maas-Brady

Pam Davison, Interim Assistant Director, Field Education


Jane Maas-Brady, Director, Field Education