MSW Bristol Cohort

Announcing a Part-Time, Advanced Standing MSW Program

In Bristol, TN

The Social Work Program at ETSU plans to offer a part-time MSW program in Bristol, TN, for students who hold BSW degrees from accredited programs.  Eligibility criteria also include an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher. The BSW degree must have been earned since 1984 but need not have been earned within the last five years. In-state tuition rates are available for students in eligible counties bordering Tennessee. Intermediate tuition rate reductions are available for students residing within a 75 mile radius of ETSU's main campus in Johnson City.

The course sequence, totaling 37 credit hours of graduate study, includes 12-15 possible credit hours of online study, reducing travel time and cost of commuting. The remaining credit hours will be in class held in Bristol, TN with a location to be announced.  The social work program will help facilitate field internship planning in counties where students live or work as often as possible.

The deadline for applications is May 1, 2012  Now has been extended to June 1st.  Applications include: ETSU School of Graduate Study application; ETSU Social Work Program application; a Personal Statement describing the applicant's interest in graduate social work education; transcripts of previous college work; and 3 letters of reference. Applications may be completed online at


Bristol Program of Study

Fall '12:             SOWK  5208 Advanced Standing Bridge Course (Tues., 5:30-8:20) (3 hrs.)

SOWK  5430 Psychopathology & Social Work Practice (online) (3 hrs.)


Spring '13:        SOWK  5403 Advanced Practice in Human Service Organization (online) (3 hrs.)

SOWK  5957 Practice Elective (Tuesday evening, 5:30-8:20) (3 hrs.)


Sum. '13:          SOWK  5305 Research II (online) (3 hrs.)

SOWK  5957 Practice Elective (online) (3 hrs.)


Fall '13:             SOWK  5303 Advanced Practice with Individuals  (Tues. 5:30-8:20) (3 hrs.)

SOWK  5306 Advanced Field Practicum (Wed. 5:30-7:30) (4 hrs.)


Spring '14:        SOWK  5323 Advanced Practice with Groups (Tues., 5:30-8:20) (3 hrs.)

SOWK  5306 Advanced Field Practicum (Wed. 5:30-7:30) (3 hrs.)


Sum. '14:          SOWK  5313: Advanced Practice with Families (Tues. eve. 5:30-8:20) (3 hrs.)

SOWK  5406 Advanced Field Practicum (Wed. 5:30-7:30) (3 hrs)

(graduate August '14)                                                                                                 (37 hrs. total)