Books in Progress by Faculty:

Introduction to Statistics in Biological Context: Table of Contents
A Sample Chapter: Conditional Probability

Chapters 1-10 of 12 edited. Will be used in Spring 2010 as text for Statistics 1530.
Edith Seier and Karl H Joplin

Introductory Calculus for Biology: Table of Contents
A Sample Chapter: Enzyme Kinetics

This book is intended for a one semester course on differential and integral calculus for biology students in their freshman year. The book stems from the Symbiosis project and covers the basic aspects of calculus of one variable in the context of biology. Real data are analyzed whenever possible, stressing the need to validate a mathematical model and estimate the parameters.
The first two chapters of the book deal with topics such as functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, maxima and minima, techniques of integration, and the like; and their application to problems of interest in biology such as  temperature variation, best harvest time, nitrogen optimization , chemical kinetics, plant growth analysis, radioactive decay, logistic growth, et cetera.  The other three chapters are devoted to enzyme kinetics, transport across cell membranes, and some mathematical aspects related to photosynthesis.
Michel Helfgott and Darrell Moore

Biological Datasets. A companion supplement to the SYMBIOSIS curriculum.
Darrell Moore, TJ Jones, Audrey Depelteau. (Draft)

SYMBIOSIS: An Introductory Approach to Quantitative Biology.
Karl H Joplin, Audrey Depelteau (In planning stage).

SYMBIOSIS GS: An Invitation to Quantitative Biology.  
Jeff Knisley (Collected Notes) 

SYMBIOSIS IV: An Introduction to Computational Science
Jeff Knisley (Draft)