4 Year Outline

Undergraduate Program Details

Summer Bridge Program - is mainly for upcoming ETSU freshman who are accepted into the TEQB program. The duration of this part is 5 weeks. Activities include the following:

1.)  An interdisciplinary course in quantitative biology that includes topics such as genomics, systems ecology, & cancer data analysis;

2.)  A seminar on research methodology;

3.)  Field trips to research facilities such as the Oak Ridge National Labs & Vanderbilt University.

4.)  Benefits for the SBP are the following listed below:

      a.  Tuition, Room & Board are paid for;

      b. 3 ETSU credits will be earned;

      c. A $500 stipend will be given near the end of the program.
      d.  The chance of forming a social network with peers that has a potential for lasting a life time.

1 st Year

Lab Rotations
- are job shadowing opportunities where each semester a TEQB student can work with 1 Biological Sciences Professor & 1 Mathematics Professor of his/her choice on a current research project.

These students are permitted into Math 2390 or Biol 2390. Near the end of this part students, will have the opportunity to "job shadow" under 4 instructors. This part will prepare each student for additional research activities.

Students will receive a total of 6 ETSU credits for the academic year.

Each student will receive a $750 stipend per semester. So every participant in this program will receive a total of $1,500.


2 nd Year

Internal Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU's) - For the summer before a student's rising junior year, he/she will choose a project to work with one mathematician & one biologist. During this experience a student will receive a $2,500 stipend.


3 rd Academic Year

External Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU's) - For the summer before a student's upcoming senior year, he/she will have the opportunity to participate in programs which integrate Mathematics & Science. These prestigious NSF-funded programs have stipends of that average to approximately $3,500.

Students during their academic year at ETSU will get the opportunity to travel to professional meeting to present their research results. Career counseling for a variety of academic, government, & industry careers will begin in earnest.


4 th Academic Year

During a student's senior year, research projects will be completed, presented at meetings, & a senior thesis will be written.

Graduate school applications will be made or cutting edge jobs will be procured.

Our unique program will allow students to be very competitive in obtaining admission into graduate programs or gain employment in the public or private sector.


For more information contact program directors: 
Dr. Lev Yampolsky
Phone #: (423) 439 - 4359

Dr. Anant Godbole
Phone #: (423) 439 - 5359

If you would like more detailed information click here for a power point presentation.

Majors also are extended to Pre-Professional, Chemistry, Physics, & any science &/or medical related fields.