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Title: Ambrose Manning Papers
Collection Number: Accession No. 131
Physical Desription: 1.0 linear foot, 1 audio tape
Creator: Ambrose Manning
Repository: Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University


Provenance: The Ambrose Manning Papers were donated to the Archives of Appalachia on September 30, 1982 by Ambrose Manning. The papers were opened for research in April 1988. On August 10, 1993, Ambrose Manning donated additional papers which are described in Series II. The addition was process and opened for reseach in December 1996.

Access: The collection is open for research.

Processing Information: The Archives of Appalachia staff completed processing the collection in 1996.


A native of Nash County, North Carolina, Ambrose Nuel Manning received the A. B. degree in 1943 from Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, North Carolina. During World War II, he served in the U. S. Army Medical Corps and was awarded the Bronze Star. In 1947 he received the M. A. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and in 1955 he was awarded the Ed. S. degree by George Peabody College for Teachers (now a part of Vanderbilt University).

After teaching at a military institute in North Carolina, Manning, in 1948, joined the faculty as an English instructor at East Tennessee State College (now East Tennessee State University). Promoted to assistant professor in 1950 and associate professor in 1956, he became professor of English in 1961. In 1975 he was honored by the university as one of four faculty members who received the Distinguished Faculty Award. He retired as professor emeritus in 1983 after thirty-five years of teaching.

With his fellow English professor Thomas G. Burton, Manning co-edited a collection of folklore and two collections of folksongs which were published by the Research Advisory Council of East Tennessee State University in the 1960s. In the 1970s he and fellow professor Robert J. Higgs co-edited a volume of selected readings from southern Appalachia entitled Voices From the Hills (published 1975). A biographical sketch of the traditional singer Tom Ashley, which Manning co-authored with Minnie M. Miller, was published in Tom Ashley, Sam McGee, Bukka White, Tennessee Traditional Singers (1981). He has also contributed to folklore and language journals.

In 1970 Manning helped organize the Appalachian Consortium, "a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Southern Appalachia." A member of the Consortium's first board of directors, he served as Consortium Chairman from 1973-74. In 1982 the Consortium presented him with the prestigious Laurel Leaves Award, which is presented annually to individuals or institutions "for meritorious contributions to Southern Appalachia and her people."


The materials in the Ambrose N. Manning Collection date from 1955 to 1979. The papers resulted from Manning's interest in Appalachian literature and folklore and his participation in Appalachian organizations and events. A significant portion of the materials were obtained by manning through his participation as a member of the first board of directors and as chairman of the board of the Appalachian Consortium.

The collection contains correspondence, newsclippings, event programs, meeting agenda and minutes, reports, budgets, project proposals, and research articles. The papers document the early years of the Appalachian Consortium including committee responsibilities, special funding sources, the Consortium Laurel Leaves Award, and board of director's membership. Other events covered in the collection are the East Tennessee State University folk fetival and the Appalachian Girl Scout Council Mountain Magic program. Also included are research articles on Appalachian literture and materials from Manning's folklore colelction project at East Tennessee State University.

The papers are divided into two series: Series I, Appalachian Consortium Files, 1970-1979 and Series II, General Subject Files, 1955-1979.

Important subjects, persons, and correspondents are:

Appalachian Consortium
Appalachian Consortium Press
Appalachian Girl Scout Council
Appalachian Region, Southern--Literature
Broadside Television
De Roiser, Arthur H.
East Tennessee State University. Folk Festival
Eller, J. Gerald
Hart, Joseph T.
Mace, F. Borden
Manning, Ambrose N.
Plemmons, W. H.
Rust, Jerry H., Jr.
Williams, Cratis D.




Series I contains correspondence, agendas, pamphlets, minutes, newsclippings, questionnaire, article of incorporation, annual reports, programs, list, projects, proposals, budgets, and objectives. One of the main objectives of the consortium was to develop a general inventory of all manuscripts, artifacts, books, articles, research in progress, etc., existing in the institutions and agencies of the consortium. Other subjects of interest covered in the collection are biographical sketches of nominees for the board of directors, potential funding sources for projects, Appalachian Film Study Instutitute, duties of committees of the Appalachian Consortium, Appalachian Resources Project, Broadside T.V., Laurel Leaf Award, and Appalachian Consortium Fair. The files are arranged chronologically.

Series II, SUBJECT FILES, 1955-1979, Box 2.

Series II contains correspondence, newsclippings, event programs, papers, and a reel-to-reel tape. The material is arranged alphabetically.



Box 1

1. Appalachian Consortium, 1970-71.
2. Appalachian Consortium, 1972-73.
3. Appalachian Consortium, 1974.
4. Appalachian Consortium, 1975.
5. Appalachian Consortium, 1976.
6. Appalachian Consortium, 1977.
7. Appalachian Consortium, 1978-79.

Series II
, SUBJECT FILES, 1955-1979, Box 2.

Box 2

1. Appalachian Girl Scout Council - "Mountain Magic" - Budget-Scholarship, undated
2. Appalachian Girl Scout Council - "Mountain Magic" - committee reports, 1968-70
3. Appalachian Girl Scout Council - "Mountain Magic" - corresponsence, 1968-73
4. Appalachian Girl Scout Council - "Mountain Magic" -newsclippings, 1970
5. Appalachian Literature Paper by Ambrose Manning, 1977
6. Appalachian Literature Paper by Jim Wayne Miller, 1977
7. Appalachian Literature Paper by W. H. Ward, 1977
8. East Tennessee Stat University Telephone Directory, undated
9. Event Programs/Newsclippings, 1963-79
10. Folk Festival - advertisement, East Tennessee State University, reel-to-reel tape, 1971
11. Folk Festival Newsclippings - East Tennessee State University, 1968-69
12. Folk Festival Programs - East Tennessee State University, 1966-70
13. Folklore Project - Correspondence, 1955
14. Folklore Project Syllabus, East Tennessee State University, 1955
15. Hubert Hayes Mountain Youth Jamboree, 1978

*Notation following index term refers to the box and folder number.

Adams, A. T.: 1-1
Akers, Ruby: 1-6
Alcoa Foundation: 1-1
Allstate Foundation: 1-1
Anderson, Don: 1-4

Appalachian Consortium: 1-1 thru 1-7
Appalachian Consortium - admission of new members: 1-3
Appalachian Consortium - annual reports: 1-2, 1-3, 1-7
Appalachian Consortium - articles of incorporation: 1-1
Appalachian Consortium - board of advisors: 1-1 thru 1-4

Appalachian Consortium - board of directors: 1-1 thru 1-7
Appalachian Consortium - budgets: 1-2 thru 1-5, 1-7
Appalachian Consortium - committees: 1-2 thru 1-4, 1-6 thru 1-7
Appalachian Consortium - constitution and bylaws: 1-1, 1-6
Appalachian Consortium - contractual services (grants): 1-2

Appalachian Consortium - documentation committee: 1-6
Appalachian Consortium - duties and responsibilities of the executive director: 1-3, 1-7
Appalachian Consortium Fair: 1-6
Appalachian Consortium - Friends of the Consortium: 1-5
Appalachian Consortium - goals and objectives: 1-5

Appalachian Consortium - Laurel Leaves Award: 1-3, 1-4
Appalachian Consortium - minutes: 1-1
Appalachian Consortium Newsletter: 1-6
Appalachian Consortium - organizational statement: 1-6
Appalachian Consortium - potential funding sources (foundations): 1-1

Appalachian Consortium - presidents of member educational institutions: 1-3, 1-4
Appalachian Consortium Press: 1-3 thru 1-7
"Appalachian Consortium Proposal": 1-1
Appalachian Consortium - questionnaire: 1-7
Appalachian Consortium - report of ad hoc advisory committee: 1-3, 1-4

Appalachian Consortium - report of the board chairman: 1-7
"Appalachian Consortium - Service and Education Through Integration": 1-7
Appalachian Girl Scout Council: 2-1
Appalachian Film Study Institute, East Tennessee State University: 1-2
Appalachian Literature: 2-5 thru 2-7

Appalachian Consortium - admission of new members: 1-3
Appalachian Region Southern - bibliography: 1-4, 1-5
Appalachian Symposium in honor of Cratis D. Williams: 1-4
Barker, Richard: 1-6
Beaver, Patricia D.: 1-6

Bibliography of Southern Appalachia: 1-5, 1-6
Blackmun, Ora: 1-6
Blue Ridge Parkway: 1-4
Bondurant, William L.: 1-5
Boyle, Bruce M: 1-1

Bramlett, Christopher L.: 1-6, 1-7
Broadside Television: 1-3
Broadside Television - tape list supplement #1: 1-3
Broadstone Outdoor Education Services: 1-5
Brown, Brenda: 1-3

Brown, Joe: 1-4
Brown, Louie A.: 1-4
Bruce, Robert G.: 1-1
Cade, Denne: 1-3
Canavier, Elena: 1-4

Carr, Mrs. James P.: 1-3
Cherokee Perspective: 1-6, 1-7
Colonialism in Modern America: The Appalachian Experience: 1-6
Conference for Local Government Officials on Historic Preservation (Appalachian State University, June 25-26, 1971): 1-1
Conway, Bob: 1-4, 1-6

Corum, A. L.: 1-6
Council on Appalachian Women: 1-6
Crowe, Dan: 1-6
Culp, D. P.: 1-3
Dalton, Mildred: 1-3

Daniels, Pat: 1-4
DeRosier, Arthur H., Jr.: 1-1 thru 1-3, 1-6, 1-7
Doty, Arthur M.: 1-1
Doulong, D. R.: 1-1
East Tennessee State University: 1-1

East Tennessee State University - Appalachian Studies minor: 1-3
East Tennessee State Univeristy - Telephone Directory: 2-8
East Tennessee State University - theses dealing with writers of Southern Appalachian Region: 1-2
Eller, J. Gerald: 1-2 thru 1-5
Eller, Ron: 1-6, 1-7

Essin, Emmett: 1-6
Farrell, J. J.: 1-1
Folk Festival - East Tennessee State Univeristy: 2-10 thru 2-12
Folklore Project: 2-13, 2-14
French, Larry: 1-6

Gallagher, Tom: 1-7
General Electric Foundation: 1-1
Goodpasture, M. G.: 1-3
Greer, Joseph P.: 1-5
Hall, Rev. Earl W.: 1-6, 1-7

Hart, Joseph T.: 1-4 thru 1-7
Historic Trails: 1-3
Horn in the West (outdoor drama, Boone, North Carolina): 1-1
Hough, John: 1-3, 1-4
Hubert Hayes Mountain Youth Jamboree: 2-15

Huffman, C. Susan; 1-5, 1-6, 1-7
Humphrey, Steve: 1-6
Hyatt, Aaron: 1-5
Iglehart, Louis T.: 1-6, 1-7
Iobst, Richard W.: 1-3, 1-6

Isaacs, Neil D.: 1-3
Jackson, Richard: 1-6
Jolley, Harley: 1-3, 1-5
Jones, Loyal: 1-5
Kelly, Jim: 1-3

Ketterson, F. Andrew, Jr.: 1-3, 1-4, 1-6
Knowles, John H.: 1-3
Levine, Irving M.: 1-3
Lewis, Helen Matthews: 1-6
Liles, Granville B.: 1-1, 1-3, 1-4

Mace, F. Borden: 1-2 thru 1-7
Makris, Betty H.: 1-6
Manning, Ambrose N.: 1-1 thru 1-7, 2-1, 2-2
Manning, Mary: 2-1, 2-2
Mars Hill College, Southern Appalachian Center: 1-3

Marshall, Martha: 1-1
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation: 1-5
McCoy, Dorris L. (Mrs. John Pleasant): 1-6
McCoy, John P.: 1-3
McEntee, Linda: 1-5

McMahan, Elizabeth: 1-3
McMillan, Sally Hill: 1-6
Moore, J. Roderick: 1-6
Moore, Richter H., Jr.: 1-1
Morgan, J. Patrick: 1-3

Morgan, James R.: 1-6
Morgan, Jim: 1-6
Morgan, Pat: 1-6
Mountain Magic: 2-1 thru 2-4
Napps, Klell B.: 1-6

Neely, Sharlotte: 1-7
Nelson, Diane: 1-6, 1-7
Noel, Jim: 1-2
North Carolina Arts Council: 1-4
North Carolina Committee for Continuing Education in the Humanities: 1-2

Overmountain Victory Trail: 1-4, 1-5
Parkinson, George: 1-6
Peery, George: 1-5
Penland School of Crafts: 1-2
Phillips, Russell A., Jr.: 1-1

Plemmons, W. H.: 1-1 thru 1-3, 1-5 thru 1-7
Poole, Don: 1-6, 1-7
Pritchard, Warren: 1-3
"Proposal for Assistance in Activating the Appalachian Consortium": 1-1, 1-2
Purrington, Burt: 1-6

Qualls, Spencer: 1-6
Quarustrom, Gordon M.: 1-1
Regan, Mary B.: 1-4
Rockefeller Brothers Fund: 1-1
Ross, Carl: 1-6

Ross, Charlotte T.: 1-3 thru 1-6
Russo, Daniel: 1-6
Rust, Jerry H., Jr.: 1-3 thru 1-7
Shulman, Herbert L.: 1-1
Sizemore, Grace: 2-1, 2-2

Smalley, Ruth (Mrs. Wayne): 1-5
Sorrells, Louis: 1-5
"Southern Appalachia: Myth and Reality in Fiction and Film": 1-2
Southern Appalachian Bibliography: 1-4, 1-5
Spoden, Muriel (Mrs. Hal T.): 1-3

Stephens, George M.: 1-1
Stoltz, Robert E.: 1-6
"Strip Mining and the Three E's" (Appalachian Resources Project, University of Tennessee, Report #19): 1-2
Summer, Robert T.: 1-6
Szittya, Mrs. Sandor: 1-6

Tallent, John B.: 1-3
Thomas, Roy E.: 1-3
Thompson, David D., Jr.: 1-4
Tucker, Edmund B.: 1-1
Underwood, Evelyn: 1-3, 1-4

Union College - The Appalachian Semester: 1-2
Voland, Maurice E.: 1-4
Warren Wilson College - instructional program in traditional, "old-time" Appalachian music and dance: 1-3
Watson, Donald J.: 1-1
Watson, Elizabeth Webster: 1-5

Weems, Ruth W.: 1-5
Weller, Jack R.: 1-5
Western Carolina University - field courses in Archaeology: 1-2
Wey, Herbert W.: 1-1, 1-3
Williams, Cratis: 1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 1-7

Williams, Max: 1-6
Williamson, Jerry: 1-5
Williamson, Matt W.: 1-1
Wills, John: 1-6
Wilson, Judy: 1-3

Winston, Nat T., Jr.: 1-1
Wise, Agnes: 1-5
Wood, Peter H.: 1-6


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