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East Tennessee State University
Archives of Appalachia
Box 70295
Johnson City, TN 37614-0138

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Collection Numbers:

Accession No. 9
L. C. No. MS 82-590

Physical Description:

2 manuscript boxes
2 oversize folders


LeRoy Reeves


Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University



Provenance: The papers of LeRoy Reeves were donated to the Sherrod Library, East Tennessee State University, on June 4, 1969, by Mary Hardin McCown, genealogist and local historian of Johnson City, Tennessee. The papers were transferred to the Archives of Appalachia in the fall of 1978.

Access: The collection is open for research.

Processing Information: Mildred Kozsuch completed processing, andthe papers were opened to research in January 1979. The Finding Aid was revised by Ed Speer in 1987, and by Marie Tedesco in 1991



Born in Johnson City, Tennessee, in June 1876, LeRoy Reeves was the son of Elbert Clay Reeves (1841-1929) and his wife Alice Dulcina Robeson (1851-1909). A graduate of Johnson City High School, Reeves studied French, German, Latin, logic and mathematics at Johnson City College and Normal Institute. From 1896-1898 he was a teacher in the Johnson City public schools. Admitted to the bar in 1899, Reeves practiced law in Johnson City with his father until 1905.

In June 1903 he organized Company F, Third Infantry, Tennessee National Guard, and was elected and commissioned the first captain of the company. Reeves resigned in June 1906 after commanding Company F during service in Virginia and at Tracy City, Tennessee. He subsequently was appointed major judge advocate of the Tennessee National Guard and served in the Mexican border campaign in 1916. After being discharged from the Tennessee National guard in 1918, he entered the Officers Training School at Camp McClellan, Alabama, where he was commissioned major in the United States Army in 1919.

After World War I he was assigned to duty in the Office of the Judge Advocate General in Washington, and in 1920 he was commissioned major in the Judge Advocate General's department. Before retirement in 1940, he advanced to the rank of colonel.

While practicing law in Johnson City and serving in the Tennessee National Guard, Reeves designed a state flag for Tennessee. The flag was adopted as the official flag of the State of Tennessee by an act of the Tennessee General Assembly passed and approved April 17, 1905.

In 1951 Colonel Reeves published Ancestral Sketches, a genealogy of his ancestors. He died in Washington, D.C., on May 25, 1960 and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Johnson City, Tennessee.



The papers of LeRoy Reeves deal with his military career and genealogical research for his book Ancestral Sketches.

Organization: In no discernible order when received by the archives, the papers were organized into four series: correspondence, military records, genealogical notes, and photographs.

Important subjects covered in the collection are:

Bohun family
Camp Hannah (Tenn.)
Camp Sevier (South Carolina)
DeVault family
Easley family
Faw, George P., 1824-1901
Faw, Harry, 1896-
Faw, Walter Wagner, 1867-1956
Faw family
Fort Bliss (Tex.)
Great Wall (China)
Hamilton family
Reeves, LeRoy, 1876-1960
Reeves family
Tennessee. National Guard. Infantry Regiment, 3rd
United States. Army--History--Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916
Vincent family
World War. 1914-1918



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Series I, CORRESPONDENCE, 1903-1928, Box 1.

This series includes correspondence, 1903-1928, relating to the military career of LeRoy Reeves and is arranged chronologically by year.


This series includes military records, correspondence, telegrams, qualification records, certificates of proficiency, roster of soldiers, 1903-1919, muster rolls, 1903-1918, newspaper clippings on Camp Hannah and Johnson City National Guard, honorable discharges, and certificates of promotion and graduation from officers' training school. In addition, this series includes correspondence with Harry and Walter Faw concerning Johnson City history and the Confederate soldiers in the Civil War from Johnson City. The files are arranged according to their record value, beginning with correspondence, then military records, and finally newspaper clippings.

Series III, GENEALOGICAL STUDIES, 1943-1952, Box 1.

This series includes correspondence on the Bohun (Boon), DeVault, Easley, Hamilton, Reeves, and Vincent families during 1943-1952, and photostats of a land grant, wills and deeds. The series is arranged alphabetically by family name.

Series IV, PHOTOGRAPHS, 1903-1923, and undated, Box 2.

This series contains 55 black and white photographs which depict activities and persons related to World War I; military camps and training; and European, Egyptian and Asian places, monuments, and buildings. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Top of Series Description

The following were placed in oversized folders and stored in map cabinets by accession number:

Oversize Folder 1:

1. Poster "Reminiscences of Army Maneuvers", 1904.
2. Appointment to National Guard, 1918.
3. Appointment as major in Judge Advocate General Department, United States Government, 1921.
4. Appointment as colonel in Judge Advocate General Department, United States Government, 1939.
5. Appointment as Lieutenant Colonel in Judge Advocate General Department, United States Government, 1935.

Oversize Folder 2:

1. Will of Warhan Easley (September 24, 1747); Henrico County, Virginia, Deed Book, 1744-1748, pp. 316-317
[photostat from Virginia State Library, dated October 11, 1948].
2. Deed, Warhan Easley, Goochland County, Virginia, to Thomas Cardwell, Henrico County, Virginia (August 19,1729);
Goochland County, Virginia, Deeds, etc., 1728-1734, pp. 122-123 [photostat from Virginia State Library, dated
November 23, 1948].
3. Will of Jeremiah Benskin (April 13, 1670); Henrico County, [document dated 1703] Virginia, Deeds, etc., 1697-1704,
p. 325 [photostat from Virginia State Library, dated November 23, 1848].
4. Grant, Colony of Virginia to John Barnes, Jr., and William Barnes (July 12, 1718); Virginia State Library, Archives Division,
Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 379 [photostat from Virginia State Library, dated October 11, 1948].
5. Grant, Colony of Virginia to Robert Easley, et al (July 12, 1718); Virginia State Library, Archives Division, Land Office Patents
No. 10, 1710-1719, pp. 378-379 [photostat from Virginia State Library, dated October 11, 1948].
6. Land grants, Robert Easley, 1704.

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Series I, CORRESPONDENCE, 1903-1928.

Box 1 - Folder #:

1. Correspondence, 1903-10.
2. Correspondence, 1911-16.
3. Correspondence, 1917.
4. Correspondence, 1918.
5. Correspondence, 1919.
6. Correspondence, 1920.
7. Correspondence, 1921.
8. Correspondence, 1922.
9. Correspondence, 1923.
10. Correspondence, 1924.
11. Correspondence, 1925-28.


Box 1(cont.) - Folder #:

12. Correspondence with Harry and Walter Faw, 1952-56.
13. Rosters of soldiers, 1903-19.
14. Military records, correspondence, telegrams, qualification records, certificates of proficiency, muster rolls, 1903-1923.
15. Two honorable discharges from the service; six certificates showing advancement in rank; and a certificate of graduation from officers' training school, 1918-38.
16. Clippings: Camp Hannah, Tennessee and Johnson City National Guard, 1903.


Box 1(cont.) - Folder #:

17. Genealogical notes on the Bohun (Boon) family, 1952.
18. Genealogical notes on the DeVault family, 1947-49.
19. Genealogical notes on the Easley family, 1943-49, 1958.
20. Genealogical notes on the Hamilton family, 1951.
21. Genealogical notes on the Reeves family, 1949.
22. Genealogical notes on the Vincent family, 1947-48.
23. Land grants, deeds and wills (copies), 1711-86.
24. Newsclippings on Distinguished Tennesseans and Tennessee Monuments, 1903-12.

Series IV, PHOTOGRAPHS, 1903-1923, and undated, Box 2.

Box 2- Folder #:

1. Buildings, monuments and other photos, undated.
2. World War I photographs, 1916 and undated.
3. Military photographs, travel, 1903-04, 1923 and undated.


Top of Box and Folder List



* The citation following the index item refers to the box and folder location of the item within the collection.

Army Camps: 1-2, 1-3, 1-16, 2-2, 2-3.
Bohun family: 1-17.
Camp Hannah (Tenn.): 1-16, 2-2.
Camp Sevier (South Carolina): 1-14, 2-3.
Carranza, Venustiano: 2-1.

DeVault family: 1-18.
Easley family: 1-19, 1-23.
El Paso, Texas: 2-3.
Faw, George P.: 1-12.
Faw, Harry: 1-12.

Faw, Walter: 1-12.
Ford Motor Vehicles: 2-3.
Fort Bliss (Texas): 1-2, 1-3.
French buildings and monuments: 2-2.
Ganges River, India: 2-1.

Great Pyramid, Egypt: 2-1.
Great Wall, China: 2-1.
Hamilton family: 1-20.
Hodges, William Henry: 1-1.
India: 2-2.

Johnson City National Guard: 1-1, 1-5, 1-13, 1-16.
Juarez, Mexico: 2-1.
Melrose Abby: 2-1.
Mexican border campaign: See Punitive Expedition into Mexico (1916).
Military service records: 1-14.

Officers' training schools: 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-15.
Peking, China: 2-1.
Pompeii, Italy: 2-1.
Punitive Expedition into Mexico (1916): 1-2, 1-3, 2-2.
Reeves family: 1-21.

Reeves, LeRoy, portrait: 2-3.
Rhine River: 2-2.
Taj Mahal: 2-1.
Tennessee National Guard: 1-2, 1-3, 1-13, 1-14, 1-15, 1-16.
Villa, Pancho: 2-1.

Vincent family: 1-22.
Waterloo, Belgium: 2-1.
World War, 1914-1918:
Camps: 2-3.
Military training: 1-4, 2-3.

Motor vehicles: 2-3.
Reeves, LeRoy: 2-3.


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