Granny's Brown Sugar Syrup

Passed down to Amy Ellen Laws from Sandy Laws


…the brown sugar syrup was poured over the biscuits, melting the butter, providing a rich and decadent treat…

When my mom was a little girl, she used to have a neighbor she called “Granny Trantham.”   She would go to “Granny’s” house, where something delicious was always cooking.   Mom would get up at five o’clock in the morning just to go over to her house and have brown sugar biscuits and syrup.   Granny had her own cow, so there was freshly churned butter to enjoy atop those hot, fresh biscuits, which were baked in an old woodstove with iron eyes.   The biscuits were served up with slabs of the freshly churned butter and brown sugar syrup.

 Mom feels pretty sure that her mom also learned to make this special dish from Granny.   Audrey Fillers Gammons, my mom’s mother, made a slightly different variation of the syrup-drenched biscuits, using white sugar syrup.   My aunt (my mom’s sister) Margarett Ann prefers the white sugar syrup to brown sugar, while my mom and I prefer the brown sugar syrup.   My grandmother (Audrey) did not always prepare the syrup solely for breakfast.   She also fixed it for my mom for a snack every once in a while.

Having brown sugar biscuits and syrup, so my mom tells me, always brings back memories of her childhood, and she has enjoyed sharing this tradition with me throughout my life.

The recipe:   One part brown sugar to one part water

Bring ingredients to a boil.   Stir until consistency of syrup.   Serve over hot biscuits, with ample butter on each biscuit.