Personal Items

Students who have a favorite type of pen, pencil, writing paper, etc. should bring a sufficient supply of these as well as soap,
cosmetics, prescription medications, and other personal expendables (though most of these can be purchased on or near campus).
Students may bring their own alarm clocks, small radios, MP3 players, etc., but no televisions, large stereos, or refrigerators,
are permitted
.  Clement Hall has a kitchen which will be available for Governor's School students' use.

Computers and printers are available on campus, but most students prefer to bring their own because computer labs have specific
hours of operation which may not be compatible with student's free time.  The lobby of Clement is equipped with Wi-Fi in addition,
your room will have two Internet connections.

The Governor's School will arrange for the loan of equipment for group sports and other recreational activities.  You should bring
swimsuits, large towels, and other sports equipment you may have time to use (tennis equipment, running shoes, etc.)  It is much
easier to bring them with you than it is to have them sent later.

If you play musical instruments we encourage you to bring them.  If you have talents in other  performing skills you may wish to
bring any associated equipment.  If there is interest, we will try to organize a talent show for students and staff in an open time slot.