What Former Students Say

"Governor's school was the best thing that I've ever done in my entire life. I loved it!"

"My experience was amazing. I made many new friends and learned a lot from the courses and activities we did. I also discovered more about myself. Governor's School really helped me prepare for going to college."

"Governor's School was extremely challenging because we did not have much time to work on our school work. We were always so busy with field experiences that we did not have much free time to actually work on our homework; however, despite the stress and strain, Governor's School was an experience I will never regret. I have so many fond memories from it, as well as a whole group of friends I would not have if not for Governor's School. Sure it was hard while going through it, but it was also incredibly fun every step of the way."

"It was a fantastic experience! I can't stop talking about it!"

"Governor's School was one of the absolute best experiences of my life. Not only did I gain valuable academic experience, but I also made many new lifelong friends. I loved going on trips to places such as Roan Mountain and Saltville because they were simultaneously fun and educational. Now as a college freshman, I can confidently say that Governor's School immensely helped prepare me for the college experience. I hope students are able to attend Governor's School for the Scientific Exploration of TN Heritage for many more years to come."

"Governor's School was very influential and helpful for me when choosing my career path and school for higher education. It helped to show me a glimpse of what college is like and how I should prepare for it. The course material in Governor's School showed me that I did not want to major in what we studied, but that I was interested in similar fields. It was a truly life changing experience for me and I highly recommend it to all who are interested in similar fields."

"It was the best five weeks of my life. Coming from a single parent household where we struggled financially, getting accepted into Governor's School was amazing. I never was able afford to go to summer camp or had the motivation to take college courses. Governor's School showed me that I was capable of being successful in life and in college. It showed me how hard work pays off and how great learning could actually be. It also introduced me to a college I had never even heard of, and eventually became my college home. I can't say enough how much of a blessing Governor's School was. I still talk to friends I made there, and when we still get together to hang out and have mini reunions."