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The New River’s North Fork: Voices from the Headwaters

Ten years of student collaboration with residents of the North Fork headwaters of the New River, has yielded a 30- minute documentary film, numerous internships and MA theses, and a rich research collection, including interviews, stories, and historic photographs. Some of the results of this collaboration include the emergence of a new state park (Elk Knob), a new community organization (Elk Knob Community Heritage Association, EKCHO), an annual community festival in the park, and new community development strategies.  We now propose to create a scholarly monograph edition of interviews, stories, and historic photographs from materials collected through the ATP during the past 11 years. The monograph will also include an introductory essay about the project, genealogical notes, and an extensive index. This publication will document previously unrecorded 20th-century Appalachian history, foster community pride, support connections between ASU and its neighbors, and be useful to EKCHO and other communities in their funding efforts toward development of a proposed public art plan, and an eventual cultural history museum.

Final Report

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