Auburn University

Practicum in Liberal Arts: Developing Community in Appalachia
(First participated in 2010)

Students traveled to Eagan, TN to work alongside Americorps professionals and local citizens, including college-age adults who seek to prepare themselves for life through participation in Clearfork Community Institute projects and activities.   The projects—all identified, conceptualized, and led by local people—included GIS mapping of natural and cultural resources on the Woodland Community Land Trust, home restoration, oral history interviews, author-led discussions of books related to the community, landscaping the facility, and production of an issue of the institute’s newsletter.   The project allowed college students to live among and work alongside local citizens on long-term projects identified by the community, resulting in a lesson on democracy and self-rule that can rarely be learned inside a classroom or through service-hour assignments.

Final Report

Student Participants: Rachel Naftel, Ballard Jones, Kalah Palmer

Faculty: Mark Wilson
Guest: Chris Marlow, Michelle Mockbee

Contact Information:

Dr. Mark Wilson
Community and Civic Engagement Coordinator
College of Liberal Arts
Auburn University, AL 36849
Telephone: 334-844-6198