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Sharing and Recording Stories of Civic Democracy and Public Education 

Fall 2011 ATP students will partner with the Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center to document through oral history interviews the outcomes of the historical civil rights case Lee vs. Macon on citizens and public life.  The case resulted in a statewide order requesting that all schools in Alabama be desegregated. Tuskegee is located in Macon County, one of two distressed counties in the ARC region of Alabama.  The Center promotes tourism through its visitor center and museum, an attractive and informative website and interactive county map, and special events held throughout the year.  This group of students will have the opportunity to collaborate with a partnering organization whose mission is to share the unique stories of the area’s history and heritage with the world.


Final Report

CASS 2011 Appalachian Teaching Project: Auburn University

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