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Monongah, Marion County, WV: Exploring the history of
coal, disaster, and community

Students studied the history of coal, disaster, and community in the town of Monongah, and assisted in preparing a proposal for a coal interpretive center that will explore the historical and ethnic culture and community found in Monongah, West Virginia. Included is a listing of potential educational exhibits, heritage tourism sites within Marion County, and the identification of resources such as documents, oral histories, and artifacts.

S tudent Participants: Dena Jane Gilchrist, Arnold Triplett, Colby White

Faculty: Judy P. Byers, Noel W. Tenney

Contact Information:

Judy Byers, Ph.D.
Director, West Virginia Folklife Center
Fairmont State University
1201 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554
Telephone: 304-367-4286

E-mail: jbyers@fairmontstate.edu

Final Report