North Georgia College and State Univeristy

Creating a Greener Community: Developing an
Environmentally Friendly ASA Conference

In 2009 NGCSU gathered and shared data on the greenness of businesses in the community to aid going greener prior to the Appalachian Studies Association conference in spring 2010. The ultimate goal is to attract more conferences and groups to North Georgia. The data generated should aid civic groups like the Chamber of Commerce or the Downtown Development Authority to attract tourists and possibly new businesses. We will work with the ASA conference to make sure conference attendees have information for supporting and experiencing a green North Georgia.

Student Participants: Martin Erbele, Ashley Parker, Lauryn Sims, Jordan Hoffman

Faculty: Michele Hill, Chuck Robertson
Guest: Chris Jespersen

Contact Information:
Chuck Robertson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
North Georgia College and State University
102B Dunlap Hall
Dahlonega, GA 30597
Telephone: 706-864-1444

Final Report