FALL 2014

Innovative Entrepreneurship (ENTC/MGMT 5640): Entrepreneurial thinking provides leadership skills that are equally important in education, health care and existing businesses. The traditional view of entrepreneurship as creating new ventures has evolved to encompass all organizations engaged in product and process innovation in today's global arena. This course is designed to provide the innovative, prudent risk taker with a practical approach for converting brilliant ideas into wealth. In this context wealth can be measured in financial terms or in terms of value added in a social, environmental or not-for-profit scenario. However, Entrepreneurship is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, this course provides a road map for the perseverance and persistence required to successfully start a new business venture and/or advocate an innovative concept in an existing organization. Although the primary focus is on new business creation based on technology innovation, the fundamental methodology is equally applicable to all who have the desire and drive to pursue a passion for innovation. Even those who do not feel they are entrepreneurs, could benefit by discovering how to function more effectively in entrepreneur-led organizations. Furthermore, those responsible for technical innovation, and business development within existing organizations should find this course helpful.



Strategic Experience ( ENTC 5800): Technology and MBA graduate student consulting projects allow graduate students nearing the end of their program to apply knowledge and skills in a real-world business, industry and/or technology-based new venture environment. The projects also provide opportunities for the university to support the business and professional communities and the regional economy. Selected graduate students work under the supervision of College of Business and Technology faculty staff consulting teams. Some of our most successful projects have been cross functional in nature.