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Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media

College of Business and Technology


Are you interested in advancing your career by earning either a B.S. (“four year”) degree in Engineering Technology or an M.S. degree in Technology while taking classes in the greater Knoxville/Oak Ridge area or on-line?

The ETSU Department of Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media is currently in the process of developing the eighth B.S. Engineering Technology cohort that hopefully will begin with or after the Fall 2012 semester.

ET cohort programs are primarily for students seeking to complete either (a) a four year, B.S. degree in Engineering Technology &/or (b) an M.S. degree in Technology. Cohorts are formed based upon demonstrated student interest. Depending upon a demonstrated level of interest, ETSU may develop one or more program-specific or multidisciplinary undergraduate cohorts for students studying in one of the following Engineering Technology program areas.

Once students have demonstrated sufficient interest, ETSU will also consider forming another graduate-level cohort program for students interested in pursuing an M.S. degree in Technology with a concentration in Engineering Technology.

The cohort, developed to satisfy the needs of previously underserved populations of students within the Knoxville/Oak Ridge metropolitan area, will follow the previous model of engineering technology cohorts by offering a schedule of at least two technical courses taught each term for at least six consecutive semesters. All cohort-related classes will be offered during the evenings and will be delivered either locally (typically on the Pelissippi campus) or via through live or asynchronous methods (e.g., interactive Internet two-way video classroom conferencing or traditional on-line courses).

Engineering Technology: Industrial Technology Concentration

Program pre-requisites for Fall:

ENGL 1010 and 1020
ENTC 2170: Computer Aided Design Drafting (CID 1100 or ENGT 1100)
MATH 1720: Precalculus II (Trigonometry)
ENTC 1120: Manufacturing Processes and Specifications (MET 1012)
ENTC 2200: Machine Tool Technology (MET 1022)

Recommended additional pre-requisites:

MATH 1530: Probability and Statistics
ENTC 3710: Manual Numerical Control Programming (MET 2700)
ENTC 2310: Electrical Principles (EET 1012)
PSYC 1310: Intro to Psychology (PSY 1010)


ENTC 3030: Technical Communication (3)
MGMT 3000: Organizational Management(3)


ACCT 2010: Principles of Accounting I(3)


ENTC 4017: Industrial Supervision (3)
ENTC 4060: Project Scheduling (3)


MGMT 3310: Legal Environment of Business (3)
CSCI 1710: World Wide Web Design(3)


ENTC 4037: Quality Assurance I(3)
Pre-requisite: Math 1530
ENTC 4227: Engineering Economy(3)


ENTC 3020: Technology and Society(3)


ENTC 3600: Manufacturing Technology (3)
Pre-requisites: ENTC 2310 (EET 1012), ENTC 2200 (MET 1022), ENTC 3710 (MET 2700)
ENTC 4777: Safety Management(3)
Pre-requisite: PSYC 1310 (PSYC 1030)


ENTC 4357: CIM Applications I (3)
Pre-requisites: ENTC 1120 (MET 1012), ENTC 2200 (MET 1022), ENTC 3710 (MET 2700)
ENTC 4600: Technical Practicum (4)

Pellissippi Academic and Administrative

Ben Sugg
Ben Sugg
Pellissippi Academic & Administrative



ETSU Academic

ETSU Administrative


 All interested students are strongly encouraged to apply to ETSU and to submit a cohort application form to the Dept. of Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media.


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