Internship/Co-op Program Overview

Students work for a minimum of 130 contact hours (approximately 10 hours/week) for 3 hours of academic credit. Credit hours--and contact hours--may vary for students in engineering technology, surveying, digital media, interior design, and computing. Students may work more hours during internships or co-ops if negotiated with the employer. 

Rates of pay vary and are set by the employer, ranging from $8/hour up to $22/hour; hourly rates of pay should not fall below federal minimum wage.  Opportunities listed for not-for-profit entities may be unpaid; all other internship/co-op opportunities listed through the College should be paid.

The employer appoints a "site supervisor" to create a position description, develop projects, and oversee the student's work while interning/co-oping with the employer. Typically, students meet with site supervisors on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The employer provides a safe work environment for student interns/co-ops.

The site supervisor and the intern/co-op complete the "Objectives-Learning Agreement Form" at the beginning of the internship/co-op.

The site supervisor is responsible for monitoring the student's progress on the job and providing regular feedback to the student.

The site supervisor completes a "Student Evaluation Form" at the conclusion of the internship/co-op, evaluating the student's performance while working for the employer.

Additional important details for participating employers are shared on the CBAT Internship/Co-op Program Overview for Employers.


Sample Projects

  • Coordinate event management for not-for-profit fund-raiser

  • Update employee handbook, creating policies and procedures manual

  • Prepare individual tax returns; perform internal and external audits utilizing SAP software

  • Prepare template methodology for socially responsible investment research

  • Boundary and Construction Surveying using robotic total station and GPS system.

  • Created manual for Electrical Engineering Training process

  • Design Project including super conducting RF Module layout

  • Assist IT audit staff with planning, fieldwork, documentation, and reporting

To participate in the ETSU College of Business and Technology (CBAT) Internship/Co-op Program:

1. Contact Melinda LaPrade via or at 423-439-5656 or office staff at 423-439-5300.

2. Complete Employer Registration (create user ID and employer password) on CBAT Internship-Co-op Program database at https://business.etsu.edu/cbatcs and, upon approval, share position information, describing position responsibilities, employee requirements (major(s), skills and wages.  Effective fall 2014,we only list paid opportunities for our students, unless the employer is a not-for-profit entity.  T o review US Department of Labor "Fair Labor Standards Act Fact Sheet" regarding unpaid internships at for-profit entities, please click here.

3. Await applications from prospective interns/co-ops via email.

4. Interview candidates; select an intern/co-op, notifying the CBAT Career Services office of your selection by emailing or .

East Tennessee State University desires to maintain an environment which is safe and supportive for our students and to reward performance solely on the basis of relevant criteria. ETSU expects our prospective employers to comply with all existing laws pertaining to equal employment opportunity and prevention of all forms of sexual harassment.

East Tennessee State University is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages our prospective employers to support applications from women, minorities, veterans, older workers, individuals with disabilities, and applicants from various national origins and ethnic backgrounds.

CBAT-Career Services Events

Benefits for Employers

  • Manage seasonal labor demands and project- oriented work.

  • Examine and "test out" students for potential full- time hire upon graduation.

  • Connect employers to their communities and institutions of higher learning.

Our Intern/Co-op Employers say . . .

"The success of our business is wholly dependent on identifying strong, qualified talent. We have found the intern candidates from ETSU that we have employed have been able to contribute quickly to our operations and each have had an impact on the quality and scope of the work that we undertake." Glen Yelton, Research Manager, IW Financial

"I have been most impressed with the intern's ability to take vague instructions and turn out timely and thorough results without further input." Roger Cox, Project Manager, Mitch Cox Development Group

"Eastman has partnered with ETSU for over 7 years to bring in some of the brightest students into our intern program. During this time frame Eastman has found the ETSU students to be very capable, highly competent, and motivated individuals ready and equipped to succeed in a very challenging corporate environment. The majority of the interns that have gone through our program have become full-time employees and are now amongst our top performers." Anth ony Sylvester, Director of Corporate Financial Services, Eastman Chemical Corporation

"Our interns who are students from ETSU's College of Business and Technology are very well prepared for the work world." Amira Byrd, Director of Recruitment and Selection, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

"BCS has been very pleased with the quality of the accounting interns provided by ETSU's College of Business and Technology. The interns' high level of educational preparation is confirmed by their ability to work within our office environment. Many have continued as full-time employees with our firm." Chad Kisner, Partner, Blackburn, Childers, & Steagall, PLC