Schedule & Resume Deadlines

CBAT Campus Recruiting:

All current students enrolled in degree seeking programs within the College of Business and Technology (CBAT) as well as CBAT alumni are welcome to participate in campus interviewing.

Recruitment by Department:

  •  Business--Sam Wilson Hall;  find details regarding accountancy recruiting below

  • Engineering Technology, Surveying, Digital Media, Interior Design--Wilson Wallis Hall; keep checking for updates!

  • Computing--Nicks Hall or Sam Wilson Hall; keep checking for updates!

No dates are scheduled at this time.
Please keep checking for updates.

RECRUITMENT--Information, Deadlines, and Schedule:

1. Please remember that most campus interviews for are pre-screened.  Pre-screened means that employers review resumes that are submitted to them for consideration and then make decisions regarding who they want to interview through this screening process.

 2. Just because you, the candidate, submit a resume does not mean that you will be granted an interview.

3. Students are contacted by cell phone or email for scheduling.  If you fail to provide contact information and an electronic version of your resume to  , we will use your Goldmail email address in an attempt to reach you.

4. Scheduling is first-come, first-served as students are contacted based on the order of names provided to CBAT Career Services by the employer.


1. For interview consideration, please give copies of your resumes to firm reps at Networking Night--date/time/location to be announced.NOTE NEW PROCESS: Upon arrival, sign in for attendance purposes at sign in table. 

2. After interacting with firm reps and as you exit the ballroom in the Millennium Centre, sign up to be considered for campus interviews FOR FIRMS OF INTEREST at "interview request table" adjacent to the sign-in table. There will be a sheet for each firm planning on conducting campus interviews in Sam Wilson Hall.  Do not sign up on a firm's interview interest sheet if you are not interested in interviewing with said firm. 

3. If for some reason you cannot attend Networking Night, I will email any straggler resumes to firms as long as they are submitted to me via email by posted deadlines (see link below). 

4. In order to interview for internships or co-op positions, students must register on the CBAT Intern Co-op Registration System AND complete Student Release Form. See Internships-Students page.

5. Please follow employer instructions (available in link below) regarding information that should be included on your resumes that you submit to the employer and to me.  Make sure I have a working cell number for you as I will need to contact all students selected for interviews in order to build employer interview schedules. I encourage you to review my handout on Building and Writing a Resume as well as sample resumes under "Handouts" at the top of this page.

Recruiting Schedule, Resume Instructions, and Deadlines--AVAILABLE IN LATE AUGUST

Please note:  Additions/changes will continue to be made to the schedule over the coming weeks.  Please contact with questions. 

Please find links to sample position descriptions printed below.  If I receive new position descriptions from employers scheduled to recruit on campus, I will make these updates available to you.

Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain Audit Internship
Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain Tax Internship
Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain Audit Full-time opening
Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain Tax Full-time opening

Decosimo Audit and Tax Internships

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