Interview Instructions

Resume Submission Guidelines:

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY--Instructions for applying:

1. Please email your resume as a pdf attachment to Melinda LaPrade (, indicating company of interest for resume submission and whether you are interested in a full-time or intern/co-op position, and semester and year of potential start (ex. JAN '15, AUG '15, MAY '16).  Make sure that your desires are clear in your email to Melinda. Please provide your cell number in the email if it is not on your resume.

2. Resume submission deadlines are firm.  Resumes will not be accepted after published deadlines.

3. Listing GPA is optional; however, some employers request this informatioin;  make sure your graduation month and year are clearly displayed on your resume.

4.  If you are seeking an internship/co-op with a firm/organization, you must be registered and approved to participate in the CBAT Internships/Co-op Program:  Registration Link.  In addition, you must complete the Student Release formThis process must be completed BEFORE you can interview with the employer.

5. Candidates who are selected for campus interviews will be notified to sign up for a specific time via cell phone (preferred option) or via email.   Interview sign-up for selected candidates will be on a first-come, first-served basis (Room 316 Sam Wilson or other designated location).

6. All currently enrolled students in degree seeking programs in the College of Business and Technology (CBAT) as well as CBAT alumni are welcome to participate in campus interviewing.

Special Instructions for Accountancy Interviews:

  1. Some companies are interviewing for both tax and audit; some are interviewing for one or the other.  Make your desires clear on your resume.

  2. Indicate your status regarding meeting the 150 hour requirement in order to take the CPA exam.  (Note in "Summary" or "Objective.")

Candidate Instructions for a Campus Interview Appointment

On the day of your interview....

1. Dress professionally – wear a nice suit with appropriate shoes and accessories.

2. Report to 210 Sam Wilson to check in with office staff.

3. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointed interview time.

4. Proceed to your designated interview room; if you have forgotten the room number, the office staff can direct you to your interview room.

5. Sit on the seats provided outside the interview room until your name is called.

6. Make sure you get rid of chewing gum before the interview commences.

7. Do not reek of tobacco or cologne.

8. Turn cell phones and other electronic devices off before entering the interview room.

9. Make sure you bring extra copies of your resume in a portfolio with you to the interview.  Don’t forget to jot down questions that you would like to ask the interviewers in case you cannot remember them when you are given the opportunity to ask questions—usually at the end of the interview.  ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS!

10. Shake hands firmly; smile and maintain good eye contact with the interviewer.

11. Listen carefully to questions before responding.

12. Make sure you ask for business cards before you leave the interview so you will have contact information in order to write “thank-you letters.”

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