FAQs for Faculty

Who do I talk to regarding benefits changes?
To review your employee benefits, or to make changes in benefits, please contact Human Resources


How do I find answers to my computer-related questions, such as e-mail issues, how to use Desire 2 Learn, password changes and other technological issues?
Call or e-mail the OIT Help Desk at 439-4648 or visit the OIT site index for answers to all your tech questions.

Where do I find the policy and forms for travel requests and claim forms?

  • Policy on in-state or out-of-state travel
  • Forms for travel requests and claims
  • Criteria that must be met for travel, with deadlines and necessary guidelines regarding University and TBR policies

Where can I park?
Parking is usually a challenge during the fall and spring sessions, and not so bad during the summer sessions. Parking information is provided by Public Safety. Student parking is designated with yellow markings, while faculty/staff parking is marked with blue. Please be aware of signs indicating handicapped or special needs parking.

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