Computer Access to ETSU Systems
In order to access the administrative systems at ETSU, you will need to fill out a Computer Account Request Form. Fill out section 1 and check any appropriate boxes in sections 2 and 3. Once the form is filled out and signed, you can either mail it or turn it in to 309 Dossett Hall.


Travel Request Forms 

There are a variety of travel request forms available to you online. You can fill these out yourself, print them off, and bring them to the department office (Room 225 Sam Wilson) for signature by the Chair.

One of the forms must be completed on a 4-part form. You can print this form and fill in the blanks with the appropriate information, include documentation regarding the event or conference you will be attending, and bring it to the department office to be typed into the 4-part form.

When you return from your travel, you must promptly bring in all required receipts to be included in your travel claim. Please contact  with questions or concerns regarding travel issues.

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