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The following pictures are some of the items that ARE available now for distribution.  These items are FREE of charge to any Tennessee public school system.  If you are interested, please call us.  In the event that the item is already claimed, your name can be put on a waiting list. If the item becomes forfeited, you will be contacted.

Please note that all furniture and equipment is used and in various conditions - unless otherwise noted.  We do not offer any guarantees or warranties.

Once an item is chosen, it must be picked up within ten (10) working days, or the item will be forfeited and become available for another school to choose.  ETSU does not ship or deliver.  It becomes the sole responsibility of the school/teacher to provide the necessary manpower for the pickup of chosen items.  Please refer to the home page for hours of operation.

Keep checking back often, as this page will be kept updated as to some of the current items that will be available.  Not all items available will be posted, so please feel free to call or come by to check out the surplus warehouse! 



Due to the nature of the following items, the upbove rule of picking up withing ten (10) working days DOES NOT APPLY.  All items must be picked up by


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